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╙TeraFire, LLC╖ ♠ SINGAPΘRE Specials » Los Angeles Specials » KVM & OpenVZ ♠
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╙TeraFire, LLC╖ ♠ SINGAPΘRE Specials » Los Angeles Specials » KVM & OpenVZ ♠

terafireterafire Member
edited November 2013 in Offers

Hey guys,

TeraFire, LLC is a registered limited liability corporation.
We use Proxmox, not SolusVM, and all our server management is done right inside the client system.

Alright so we're going to do something a little different for our new Singapore location specials on LET.
These coupon codes are for new sign-ups only. Current accounts will have their own coupon codes available on request, and accounts closed due to non-payment (without a proper cancellation) are automatically ineligible for any of these offers.

Our Singapore location is via Softlayer Singapore location @ 100mbps.

Coupon codes:

First 10 signups can use the coupon code EARLYBIRDGETSTHEWORM for 30% off of the first month of any of the Singapore plans, so act fast and get them quick.

First 15 signups after that can use the coupon code WHATDOESTHEFOXSAY for 20% off of the first month of any of the plans.

Alternatively, SING10 can be used for a 10% recurring discount off of every month.

Pricing before coupons:

KVM-256 OVZ-256
15GB Space 20GB Space
200GB Bandwidth 200GB Bandwidth
1 IP Addr. 1 IP Address
$7.00/mo $5.50/mo
Order Order

Additional IPs on order are $2.50/m each and up to 2 can be ordered per plan.

Currently no IPv6 at the moment.

The AUP in Singapore quick and dirty: No porn, gambling, hate content, IRC servers, piracy, or religiously bias content, illegal content, and everything else that is illegal in singapore.

The datacenter is Softlayer Singapore. for Test IP.

Of course our Los Angeles location is still in stock:

Our Los Angeles Asia-friendly location is in the Quadranet datacenter (not via ColoCrossing), with a 1Gbit uplink, and offer affordable, aggressive, KVM and OpenVZ plans.

We have a wide variety of operating systems including many flavors of Linux, FreeBSD, Windows (BYOL), and PBX systems.

We are fully IPv6 native and offer server management packages as optional add-ons to all our VPS servers.

Check out our current specials below:

OVZ2560 KVM1024
3 Cores 1 Cores
65GB Space 25GB Space
2.5TB Transfer 1.5TB Transfer
IPv6 IPv6
2 IP Addresses 2 IP Addresses
$7.00/month $6.50/month
Order Link Order Link
Coupon: 7UP Coupon: ILOVEADEAL50
Order Link Order Link

The OpenVZ special is set at 15 orders maximum at the time of posting.

Additionally all OpenVZ plans (except the one listed here) on our side can use the coupon code ILOVEVZ40 and all KVM Plans can use the coupon code ILOVEADEAL50

KVM VMs require you to install the operating system yourself, please realize what you are getting into before you order.

*TUN/TAP/PPP on request
*We offer real /64 blocks of IPv6 by ticket.
*More IPv4 available on request @ $1.00 each (up to 4 per service)
*Quick and dirty AUP: No public vpns or proxies. No illegal activity. No TOR exit nodes. No mining. IRC is allowed. Private VPNs and Proxies are allowed.
Looking glass;

Any questions, or price offers can submitted by ticket, live chat, or email @ sales [at]


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