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Any good Mexican VPSes with diversity of IP Transit?
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Any good Mexican VPSes with diversity of IP Transit?

Are there any good Mexican VPS'es on a network that has a diversity of IP transit? From what I'm reading online, Mexican carriers don't peer with each other and it has to go to the US (Dallas Houston, Los Angeles) to get peered/IP transit. If that's the case with the majority of Mexican carriers I'll just host in Dallas/Houston. I just did a traceroute and Mexico City is only ~24ms RTT from Dallas. Someone here earlier mentioned KIO Networks in Mexico City and Hostdime. Any reviews and opinions?


  • dustincdustinc Member, Patron Provider, Top Host

    I don't think you can go wrong with HostDime if it's within your budget since they have a POP in Mexico

  • umiumi Member
    edited July 2020

    Uptime, hardware and carriers blend will be way better in US. Let alone the price. 24ms ping is nothing. Almost all Latin America peers in US ;)
    Try hotlineservers, they are reselling GTHost at especially crazy low rates this weekend. I have a vps in Chicago with them and so far so good.
    Good luck!

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