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Managed Cloud/VPS 4GB RAM under $50/mo
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Managed Cloud/VPS 4GB RAM under $50/mo

jones5508jones5508 Member
edited June 2020 in Requests

Hi, I'm looking to build several small websites quickly and am thinking 4GB RAM will suffice to start. I don't have any knowledge or experience or willingness to put time into managing a server, so having a server admin will be a must have. I've come up with about a dozen options, but am unsure how to proceed given the problematic reputation regarding hosts.

The CPU, SSD space, and bandwidth are all minor details. Thanks!

Servers in USA preferred. Firewall preferred. Number of IPs irrelevant.


  • Hello @jones5508 welcome to LowendTalk.

    We offer DirectAdmin management for an additonal $20/mo :)

    VPS-4G + DA management = $36/mo. 4 usa locations to chose from.

    Save approximately 20% on the base plan when you signup with annual commitment.

    Join the family boss :).

  • Thank you @seriesn that definitely seems reasonable!

    Thanked by 1seriesn
  • @jones5508 said:
    Thank you @seriesn that definitely seems reasonable!

    It is midnight over here. If you are on discord and would like to have a quick chat, feel free to pm me with your discord ID. Will get back to you in the am :)

    Would love to have you with us :)

  • AK_KWHAK_KWH Member, Patron Provider
    edited June 2020

    can offer you managed Setup with DA in Germany,USA,UK,France

    • 4 CPU Cores (Fair Usage)
    • 6 GB RAM
    • 120 Gb SSD Disk Space (NVME in Germany)
    • 5 TB Bandwidth in Phoniex, (10TB in France,Unlimited in germany)
    • 1 IPV4
    • 1Gbit Port - Phoniex,Germany
    • DirectAdmin license
    • Fully managed
    • 500Mb/sec Port - United Kingdom,France

    With DA license + Management can offers you in 40$/M


    • 4 CPU Cores (Fair Usage)
    • 6 GB RAM
    • 100 Gb SSD Disk Space
    • 5 TB Bandwidth in Phoenix
    • 1 IPV4
    • 1Gbit Port
    • Phoenix Location only
    • DirectAdmin license
    • Fully managed


    Additional IPv4 For VPS Phoenix= 1.50$/Month
    Additional IPv4 For VPS France= 2.00/Month
    Additional IPv4 For VPS Germany= 2.00/Month
    Additional IPv4 For VPS United Kingdom= 2.00$/Month

  • AK_KWHAK_KWH Member, Patron Provider

    and if you wants one time DA setup we can do it for you for free :) with our last plan it cost u around 18.95$/m with DA license

  • Mr_TomMr_Tom Member, Host Rep

    Would UK or Germany work?

    If so, what level of management would you want? e.g do you want a control panel for you to manage websites and someone else look after the server, or do you want website setup handled as part of the management too?

  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran

    We can offer managed vm in UK, if required? We do use Plesk instead of DA control panel.

  • @AK_KWH Thanks, that also seems like an option :)

    @Mr_Tom UK or Germany would work, so long as my understanding of using a CDN would make this a nonissue for US users.

    As far as I know, I just need server management and access to a control panel would be a bonus. I can build my sites, so I don't think I need website setup handled with that.

    @WebProject Cool, I'll look into that.

  • I recommend using ParksideTech. They are very reliable. Have a great high availability cluster setup. Amazing performance and great support.

    $50 package is within your price range

    Thanked by 1jones5508
  • SynatiqSynatiq Member
    edited June 2020

    We should be able to meet your price requirement in one of our US locations.

    We're London based, and support will be provided over the phone / emails. We also have a sister company specialising in design and development if that's of interest :).

    Thanked by 1jones5508
  • @Synatiq What's your pricing for managed?

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