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For a RAID10 storage Samsung consumer SSDs or enterprise?
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For a RAID10 storage Samsung consumer SSDs or enterprise?


Based on your experience. Which one would you go with? 2TB consumer Samsung SSD or enterprise series? I know the lifetime of Enterprise is more than consumer-grade but the price is more than double.


  • What drives are you looking at specifically? 860 QVO or EVO?

  • HostSlickHostSlick Member, Patron Provider

    Depends on what your doing?

  • AC_FanAC_Fan Member

    If just for personal use, doesn't really matter. If it's prosumer, just avoid the QVO drives, they're terrible for sustained performance.
    For professional use, depends on how disk I/O intensive your usecase is: if it's just a couple of VMs or such, you could probably wing it on consumer drives. If high sustained performance is required, enterprise is the way to go.

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  • PulsedMediaPulsedMedia Member, Patron Provider

    Even that depends on what type of performance you are looking for. If your application is almost solely read, it really does not matter is it consumer or enterprise. Especially on SATA.

  • Correct me if I am wrong.
    Patriot P200 2TB it says 1000TBW for $200
    SAMSUNG 860DCT 1.92TB says 698TBW for $370

    Based on the specs the Patriot beats Samsung Enterprise?

  • NDTNNDTN Member, Patron Provider, Top Host

    Always use the Enterprise versions of Samsung like PM or SM series. Or if you have a tight budget, use the PRO version, try to avoid the EVO. We have some servers which are running 850 PRO in RAID-10 for 5 years with no issues :)

  • rcxbrcxb Member

    When you say RAID-10, do you have a hardware RAID card, or just in software? If hardware, is the RAID card new enough to understand how to pass-thru TRIM commands? If not, that could seriously degrade your performance and drive lifetime with cheaper consumer drives.

    Not that "Enterprise" is all magical, either. I've got some Enterprise Intel SATA SSDs that have some nasty performance slowdowns. SAS drives are a bit higher-end, and more than that you really need to read the specs and check random/sequential IOPS to get a good drive that won't slowdown under much use.

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