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Dedicated server near Ireland
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Dedicated server near Ireland

Hi guys.

Currently I live in France and I rent a Centos 8 dedicated server from Ikoula. It's a Xeon E3-1220v6 with 16Gb of DDR4 RAM, a 240Gb SSD, and a small nVidia GPU GT710). It has a 1Gb port, one ipv4 and an ipv6 subnet. I use it among other things to run a Windows 10 VM to which I passthrough the GPU. I access the VM via RDP inside a SSH tunnel, and also via Apache Guacamole. I pay 22.50 euro (non including VAT) per month for the server.

I'm going to move to Ireland, and I don't know if the latency to Ikoula's datacenter will be good enough for RDP'ing into the server from there. So I am wondering if it's possible to rent an equivalent or better server near Ireland (I'm guessing in the UK?) with similar specs including the GPU (I think I can passthrough an iGPU if needed) at a decent price? I'm thinking under 35 euro (not including VAT).

I checked Leaseweb, but their cheaper options have older Xeons (so no GPU), and they don't have a SSD, which I'd like to have.

In terms of price, SoYouStart comes close with the XEON-SAT-1-32, but no GPU and no SSD :-(

Do you guys know if what I am looking for exists?


  • dfroedfroe Member, Host Rep

    If you check traceroute with various looking glasses you may see routes from Dublin like (  0.393 ms (  4.524 ms (  10.228 ms (  17.928 ms (  18.909 ms (  20.222 ms

    or ( 12ms ( 19ms ( 21ms ( 22ms

    So traffic will most likely always go via London to Paris.
    However the additional latency between London and Paris is only about 8 ms RTT.

    I do not think you will notice the additional 8 ms, even with SSH, RDP or other interactive applications.
    And since you most likely do not cross an additional carrier from London to Paris as most T1-carriers will have POPs in both locations I wouldn't expect any negative impact either.

    So if you are happy with your server from Ikoula, keep it and give it a try.
    Especially since you most likely won't get a similiar server at that price in London, I personally would not care about <10ms latency.

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  • ^ Nearly anagram user names. ;))

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  • You make a very good point dfroe, thank you very much for your input!

  • Agreed with dfroe you will see very little in it and you probably wont find a server in your budget in the UK, wait until you move and give it a try but its probably only an extra 10ms or so over what you are seeing now.

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