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Any host recommendations for a Minecraft server? (VPS / Dedicated)
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Any host recommendations for a Minecraft server? (VPS / Dedicated)

YhteysYhteys Member
edited May 2020 in General

Minecraft is one of those games that run on single thread, so i'm looking for a vps or dedi with 16-32GB of ram, located in europe and with some SSD storage. (High single thread rating)
My budget is <25€ per month.


  • seriesnseriesn Member


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  • YhteysYhteys Member

    Currently have an auction server with them, just searching If there's any alternatives. Mainly looking for SSD storage

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    Been running a Minecraft server on a BuyVM 2GB slice with no issues for ~6 months.

    However, there's only 3-4 players in the world peak. I don't know what the scaling factor is but it's worked fine for our small world.

  • YhteysYhteys Member
    edited May 2020

    I'm hosting a server network with 4 servers and the playerbase is around 10-20 at daytime. That's why i'm looking for a strong machine.

  • hello. you can check our EU offers or special promo cloud servers

  • might want to re evaluate your requirements. no way with just 10-20 people that your hitting anywhere near 32gb. prob 8 is plenty for modded or 4 ish for vanilla. Games not that demanding server side beyond cpu.

  • Yes better have more cores and 8-16gb of ram . You need cores with high score

  • YmpkerYmpker Member
    edited May 2020 never let me down when I used them 2-3 years back:) Their Germany location is probably Hetzner but they provide Multicraft panel and more convenience stuff.

    They also have a pretty active Discord channel (for support &more).

    They also got a small 7 days free trial server :)

  • YhteysYhteys Member

    @DignusData said:
    hello. you can check our EU offers or special promo cloud servers

    Wow, those promo cloud servers look great! Definitely Will order one of those bad boys.

  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran

    We can offer the following plan:
    8GB Memory (normally is 6GB)
    60GB Pure SSD
    4 CPU cores
    2.66GHz+ CPU Speed
    5TB Bandwidth
    2 IPv4 Address
    1 IPv6 Subnet (/112)
    Anti-DDoS Protection
    KVM Virtualization
    Full Root Access
    SolusVM Control Panel
    SSH Access
    No Resource Contention
    Self-Managed Service
    99.9% Uptime
    14 Day Money Back*
    Node location: London, GB
    Custom hardware firewall rules, if you need.
    £20 /month

  • Sharing this with the reservation that I've not tried them myself:

    I know a guy who hosts a RAD modpack server (~200 mods afaik) on a netcup VPS 1000. This is significantly under your budget, so might be worth a shot just to try it.

  • MoofieMoofie Member

    Minecraft servers rely on 1 core unless you’re running multiple on the same server, so I’d actually recommend a vps in your case from NexusBytes or similar (3900x / 9900k) as any dedi within that budget will most likely have crap single core perf.

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  • spectraipspectraip Member, Patron Provider

    We can offer VPS on Ryzen 9 3900X CPU with 16 GB DDR4 RAM. Our packages/topic on LET with benchmarks.

    Our 16 GB RAM package.

    4 CPU cores
    16 GB DDR4 RAM
    250 GB NVMe storage
    15 TB bandwidth
    500 Mbps port speed

    Monthly price € 23.50

    This VPS can be ordered by contacting us (please refer to this offer).

    Network: SpectraIP (AS62068)
    Datacenter: NL - Amsterdam

  • You can ask @SpartanHost . He has a lot of experience in providing Minecraft related services.

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  • SpartanHostSpartanHost Member, Host Rep

    @codedivine said:
    You can ask @SpartanHost . He has a lot of experience in providing Minecraft related services.

    Appreciate the mention, we sadly don't have a European location for VPS or dedicated servers right now though, current locations are Seattle Washington and Dallas Texas.

  • elliotcelliotc Member

    I wonder the cpu usage for a minecraft server?
    Will I got kicked because I run minecraft on virmach?

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