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AWS Expert or Server Expert
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AWS Expert or Server Expert

imgmoneyimgmoney Member
edited May 2020 in General

Hi All,

I can easily do the below setup

ELB --> Web Server (ASG)

But I am looking to set up like this

ELB--> Varnish (ASG) --> ELB --> Webserver , Magento 2(ASG)

Ignore the other things, as I have used all other services and perfectly set them up. Now I need a hand who can help in achieving the above setup as it needs lots of things to be written in VCL file and also some shell scripts needs to be written. It is paid job.

I need to ensure that, Magento 2 is using the Varnish perfectly by caching and purging through admin panel.


  • UnixfyUnixfy Member

    Are you sure you need so many ELBs? Why can't you combine the web server and varnish on a single instance and just have a single ASG for everything? I think this would make things a lot easier.

    ELB <--> Varnish, Webserver, and Magento (ASG)

  • There are few reason

    1) Magento 2 can work with multi instance.
    2) I am trying to reduce the load on the web app server
    3) I am trying to avoid replica of cache
    4) I am looking for Sharding

    The method you suggest or I try to avoid because

    1) There is no point in having replicas in all the instances

    So based on the above isn’t the method I said or looking for is optimised one?

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