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Hetzner AX41-NVMe available for transfer
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Hetzner AX41-NVMe available for transfer

MohamadSYMohamadSY Member
edited April 2020 in General

Hello everybody,
I hope that you & your families are safe.
I recently switched to an Hetzner AX161 servers series and no longer need my AX41-NVMe servers and would, therefore, like to hand them over.

Server details:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Hard drives: 2x 512 NVMe
  • Traffic: Unlimited.
  • Location: FSN1-DC15
  • Next invoice date 24/05/2020
    Transfer fee =41€ One month + 24 € Transfer fee= 65 €

In my current configuration, I still have 2 single IP’s (2 € / M), This additional configuration can also be adopted. That makes € 41 per month for a server.


  • Mr_TomMr_Tom Member, Host Rep
    edited April 2020

    They're available in Helsinki without any delays and for Falkenstein wait times seem to have reduced so not sure the transfer fee is justifiable.

  • Yes, I already know that, but double-check that the next invoice date will be after one month...

  • Yeah that’s a lil expensive. Someone would probably pay you for the month but the no the transfer fee.

  • So it's mean you will get one-month service 41€+24€ Transfer fee =65€

    Thanked by 1Mr_Tom
  • If someone has another offer, I'm interested :smile:

  • Oh it kind of looked like you wanted the month and 65. How is the AX161 btw? I’m still wondering if I should spring for one myself.

  • The server has been transferred to Mr @DrFallen

    Best Regards

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