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VirMach new transfer rules
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VirMach new transfer rules

Anyone got link to those new VirMach transfer rules which are a little laxed than old ones? I remember people were complaining about providing photo ID so they changed rules a little bit.


  • I don’t like it’s new rule , why request ID photo

  • @allen314 said:
    I don’t like it’s new rule , why request ID photo

    To ensure the rightful user/owner is making the request? I don't understand the question that is pretty self explanatory.

    And that's an old rule.

  • alilet said: new VirMach transfer rules

    Could you post them here?

  • @greattomeetyou said:

    alilet said: new VirMach transfer rules

    Could you post them here?

    This is what I am looking for. I think I saw the post in BF thread but it lost in somewhere in hundreds of pages.

  • stormstorm Member

    This is the most recent terms I found in the 2019 BF thread:

    VirMach said: We've removed the ID requirement and 6 month requirement for Alipay and Cryptocurrency. We still reserve the right to reject transfer with these if we see any potential abuse. We've added a two factor requirement, and "account in good standing" requirement.

    We added some extra clarification as well. Any further feedback appreciated, and this might change.

    To process service transfers securely, we have certain requirements and procedure in place, as well as custom billing fees to handle your request. The sender (you) will be billed a minimum $3 transfer fee, per service, if you wish to proceed.
    1. You must confirm that you are giving up any duration of service owed to you, permanently, without any refund.
    2. You must have two factor authentication enabled, a verified e-mail, and valid billing information on file.
    3. Your service must be on an independent panel, not combined with other services. If your VPS is combined, there's an additional $2 fee.
    4. You must be a VirMach customer for at least 6 months.
    5. You must provide photo ID, held up to a written message "For service transfer by VirMach" and today's date.
    6. You must have a valid confirmed e-mail address matching your payment e-mail address or instead verify your other e-mail manually.
    1. Must have valid billing information on file and pass fraud checks and have two factor authentication enabled.
    2. Must have valid payment method on file, or a minimum of $5 credits on VirMach account.
    3. Must create a ticket confirming receiving the transfer.
    Both accounts must be in good standing, with no recent abuse or breach of terms of service. We reserve the right to deny a transfer if we do not feel comfortable processing the request, even if requirements are met. In this specific case, we would refund the transfer fee (if charged.) Please note that transfers are done out of courtesy, and we are not obligated to process them.
    If you are certain you and the receiver meet the requirements above, please reply to be billed and begin the transfer process. Any transfer fees are otherwise non-refundable, even if the transfer is not properly completed. We accept no responsibility for any errors in the transfer process that may result in an unexpected outcome, such as other services being transferred on the same SolusVM account, or the sender being able to access receiver's service. We are not responsible for any disagreements in third party agreements pertaining to the transfer. Please wipe any private data off your VPS you do not want shared with the receiver, and have the receiver create a ticket titled "Service Transfer - From Ticket #" to confirm receipt.
    Please also have them copy this message, after reading and understanding it:
        I would like to accept a service from a third party VirMach customer.
        I understand that VirMach is not responsible for any unexpected outcomes resulting from the transfer, or any errors. I understand that VirMach is not responsible for, and will not honor, any third party agreements pertaining to the transfer. Any remaining credits on the service are only provided as a courtesy (and not owed to me.) I understand I am responsible for the service and what occurs on the service, and the payments owed for the service renewal. I understand VirMach cannot verify the specification, pricing, or other details of the transferred service. If I am unsatisfied with any of the details and outcome of the transfer, once it is completed, I understand the only resolution is cancelling the service in a timely manner.
        I confirm that I have valid billing information, and also either $5 of store credit or valid payment method on file.
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