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Looking for some advice on getting web admin type contracts
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Looking for some advice on getting web admin type contracts

I have professional engineering experience, been developing full time for 2 years and have been in the engineering space for 5, and I've been playing with web technology and Linux environments since I was in middle school. I have a desire to get into Systems Engineering type work at some point in my career or maybe even start my own business managing the web presence for... something. (Restaurants?)

I'd love to get some experience doing contract web admin and web hosting work. I'm guessing there is a market for this with small businesses that don't want to worry about messing around with their web presence? Am I looking at this the right way?

My question boils down to this: help me out with some advice on the business sense of this work. What are some first steps on getting experience and begin building a network (of business contacts)? How should I present myself or services to the public when looking for these contracts. In your opinion, what are some key things I should do in order to "break into this work" and "get my first client" so to speak?

I'm looking for this thread to be an exploratory discussion on best practices.

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