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[URPAD] ignores to pay me for affiliate earns. I need suggestion & help.
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[URPAD] ignores to pay me for affiliate earns. I need suggestion & help.

gongyigongyi Member
edited November 2013 in General

Subject:Root Level Technology, LLC. has just sent you $101.50 USD with PayPal

----------------thank you all you guys---------------------

Hi everyone,

I rarely post on LET. However, today I have to post my experience with URPAD and ask you guys for some suggestions.

I'm a Chinese running one of the most famous hosting review websites in China. I've recommended many customers to our genius providers. Of course, some orders turned out fraud but most are good customers. I have a QQ discussion group(like skype or msn group) where many Chinese are. I introduce new products to Chinese market and write reviews about product at my website. Most providers are trustworthy so I work hard to get people buy from my aff link. Customers are happy, providers are happy and I'm happy too. simple as that.

I don't really want to mention what terrible experience I had with URPAD's affiliate program before. I was told not to spread out the conversion as a threat on LEB so at the moment I don't want to talk about the previous problem.

But now I just want to say they promised they would pay me after all the orders converted. Now all the orders through previous months hard working have turned out. I submitted a ticket for applying to withdraw the balance I earned. At the beginning they replied they would process the request next day, now They've ignored my ticket for 10 days. I haven't heard a single word from them at all. The ticket is still open showing in processing.


I never think posting here on LEB is a treat to providers. When people need help or suggestions, they are welcome to post on LEB, aren't they.

Thanks you guys in advance. (special thanks to my friend @kyaky who helps Chinese community translate ticket and thread)

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  • cosmicgatecosmicgate Member
    edited November 2013

    what a shame. Refered 3k customers for $100 and tgey refuse to pay you? Unbelieveable! With your influence it isn'T hard to expose what they are doing.

  • That is really bad of urpad of true. This guy has sent them many sales and yet urpad does not want to give out the commissions.

    If I am a provider- I would love to have this guy sending me some sales.

  • kyakykyaky Member
    edited November 2013

    Hope you can get paid for what you worked for. We all know you are always working so hard. I've seen your previous talk with them. That was terrible.

  • cppgohancppgohan Member
    edited November 2013

    I'm a reader both on LEB/LET and @gongyi 's blog. Never used urpad but that @gongyi said is for sure.

    URPAD should be an honest vps service provider.

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  • So terrible~

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  • Based my own experiences with several other providers, affiliate scam is a common practice.

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  • All the best.

  • UrPAD is either working very hard or in a deep snooze. My refund thread is dancing for 2 weeks now. So I can safely assume you wait for few more days/week(s) for them to wake up. Since the CEO has confirmed of the payment to you, just wait a bit more. However If I am you, i would rather send the sales to a provider who appreciates your help ;)

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  • @mpkossen said:

    should be @RLT_RandalB :)

  • guys,thanks !

  • I once got scammed out of 2k cpm commission, it feels terrible.

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  • My refund for the UK service I had took around a month. So I wouldn't expect a reply too quickly!

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  • @sc754 said:
    My refund for the UK service I had took around a month. So I wouldn't expect a reply too quickly!

    in fact, i had took 2 month or more !

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  • You're right, thanks :-) Anyway, I hope they respond soon. They're usually pretty responsive here.

  • Payment sent. Thanks for your hard work!

  • sundaymousesundaymouse Member
    edited November 2013
  • @sundaymouse said:
    as I believe half the traffic were cheated into clicking that link.

    How can someone be cheated into signing up for a VPS subscription?

  • @sundaymouse said:
    Love to see his notorious affiliate link blog. I would be happier if he doesn't get the earnings tbh, as I believe half the traffic were cheated into clicking that link.

    i have received the affiliate money from urpad !

    thanks all you guys !

  • @RLT_RandalB said:
    Payment sent. Thanks for your hard work!

    Hi, Can you look into my refund ticket (HUV-755-12411) as well? Its been weeks...

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran

    Send this to Chris miller:

  • Hello @gongyi
    How much do you want to move all these chinese people (or new ones) to another VPS company?
    I'd like to pay better to you than URPad.
    Can we talk?

    And about URPad, i believe you only received because you post in this thread.
    Until now I haven't received my REFUND or my LAST AND ACTUAL data from this... ("company"?)

    Mr. Handal you are with my money and my actual data. Just to remember you.

  • ZeroCoolZeroCool Member
    edited November 2013

    URPAD not recived me when i ask about Credit for client active 3 month
    They said that not for promotion packages, but when i give the rules the are no point
    in there write this not for promotion package but the point only not for custom package is not allowed

    diffrent promotion and custom is:

    • Custom Package is ordered by client

    • Promotion package is package by webhosting Service

    but they said they make mistake and will update the point. :((

  • @ZeroCool Yes that is correct promotional packages do not qualify for the Loyalty Program. We are re-working something which would apply to all customers which will be released in the future.

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