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I’ve been using them for utility services, remote monitoring and so forth, and I really like their product; storage is relatively expensive, but memory and CPU is a bargain: I happen to think their $5 VPS is excellent and their $15 a superb value. There are no annoying control panels: rather, you manage your virtual servers through a command line interface, which also lets you do custom installs, and they support all three major BSDs.

Sadly they do not have OpenIndiana, SmartOS or another Illumos build, as those make very good servers and since OpenSolaris 2009.06 (Project Indiana, led by the late Ian Murdock, who founded Debian), have a userland basically identical to that of Linux, rather than the complex old legacy Solaris.

Prgmr is definitely a provider for the able sysadmin and not for a web developer/graphics designer who just needs cheap reliable shared hosting, but conversely they are extremely useful to companies like ours.


  • Most of us knew well. For me was almost 10 years ago. Are you sharing your review here?

  • LTnigerLTniger Member
    edited April 2020

    Looks like shilling... not sure. Their logo looks funny (slogan: We don't assume you are stupid. Since 2005). Damn! Their servers are managed from SSH, that's unique approach:

    Ha, definitely will try. Holy shit.

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy

    Oldschool provider.

  • In Luke we trust!

  • LeeLee Member

    lontong said: In Luke we trust!

    Don't think he is involved anymore, he sold it on.

  • @LTniger We have no connection with Prgmr, and I obviously do not recommend them for enterprise hosting, but I really like their product for what it is. That said, the storage is expensive and we only use it for monitoring and auxiliary infrastructure, for example, we run a DNS server there, a backup corporate webserver, and backup syslog and snmp readers linked to our main networks via a VPN.

    All our important systems are in colo; we only use low end dedicated and VPS providers for DR sites for some of our midsized clients, specifically, we use OVH but they are annoying, and we use prgmr for running auxiliary services of the sort I mentioned. Largely because they do BSD and we like to use BSD for our infrastructure services.

    One problem with them is its very difficult to get an extra IP, which rules out getting a larger VM and containerizing it with FreeBSD jails for easier management, so instead one winds up with multiple small VMs. Also their default FreeBSD install uses UFS, which is dated and annoying, and their Linux installs default to ext4, which is decent enough, but we really like XFS and btrfs for certain things. It is possible to do your own install, I think, through the console, but its a bother.

    But for what they are, its pretty decent I think in terms of pricing. I saw a lot of marginal control-panelly VPS providers in this tier and wanted to suggest one for people like me who are more UNIX focused. I am looking for a good alternative to OVH for dedicated servers, which I posted a request for in another thread, and if anyone knows of another provider remotely like these guys...I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket.

  • hzrhzr Member

    HudsonWilkins said: We have no connection with Prgmr

    Normally people are super suspicious of new signups immediately posting ultra positive reviews. I would be too usually. But it's prgmr, they wrote the book on virt (literally) and don't need to shill, great people all around.

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