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Looking for inexpensive vSphere/Citrix/BSD dedicated server providers
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Looking for inexpensive vSphere/Citrix/BSD dedicated server providers

We are looking for alternatives to OVH, who we presently use, for hosting backup sites for their hypervisors. Presently we are using OVH, but their /32 IP routing is a pain particularly with some guest OSes on VMware and with Citrix hypervisors. The servers we use are Prime servers that cost $64-$70/mo and have dual 2 TB SATA disks in a RAID 1 and have 64 GB RAM. Due to the limitations of their network it is impossible to migrate IP addresses between servers.

I have been looking at Wholesale Internet as a possible alternative; it looks like they have vSphere and Citrix XenServer/Hypervisor, but not BSD or Illumos servers, which some of our clients use for ZFS.

If anyone can suggest additional providers, that would be much appreciated. As these are failover sites, the goal is to maximize the resources we get for our consulting clients relative to the cost.


  • If you're renting dedicated servers, why can't you put whatever hypervisor you want on it? I'm missing something there on provider hypervisor requirements. I don't understand the backup site part. You mean redundant failover and not as a backup destination?

    To have movable public IPv4's, doesn't that mean they need to setup a dedicated network just for you? At that point, shouldn't you get into buying or leasing an IP subnet yourself to use as you please? Or at least a contract and commit to certain amount of services for it to be worth their effort?

    I don't know about fancy datacenter routing (encapsulated tunnels everywhere?), but if the network acts like a bridge instead of routed, its going to be a shitty network.

    If this was a VPS, I'd ask if another private NIC would help do server to server communication, but you can always just run your own VPN to connect your servers together.

    You'll need to provide more details of your use case to get better responses. Just switching to using DNS names (and updating with simple curl commands using your domain registrars API) instead of using fixed IP's most likely would solve a bunch of problems, but unclear as to your actual issue.

    As these are failover sites, the goal is to maximize the resources we get for our consulting clients relative to the cost.

    Oof. I'd hope stability, reliability and dependability would trump cost when talking about failover. Reducing/limiting the time it takes to recover, etc. Plan on shit going sideways and you needing to enact ALL your failover resources. Will you have enough? Reminds me of when a big giant UPS failed recently after a power outage and the phone system died because too much equipment was plugged into the UPS. It did sweet f'all keeping the business running when power went out and cost an arm and a leg to replace the phone system, not including the additional downtime. Having a separate UPS for no more than $300 would have saved, easily, $3k.

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