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Need advice on VPS
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Need advice on VPS

I'm currently in the process of developing a desktop application. What this does is parses data from the web (about twice a day) and relays the information to the application.

I've written the parser in C# as a console. Now to offload the delay in the app (currently have the app running the parser along with the UI) I want to be able to run it on a VPS with a database (most likely MariaDB).

I'm not sure on what my needs are. I'm not looking to spend a lot as I don't know how the demand of the app will be (hopefully HUGE).

My thought is a KVM windows vps with 1 core + 512mb should be enough but again I'm not exactly sure. The parser alone takes about 20-30mbs (it is properly managed so it doesn't increase in usage).

Can anyone suggest something? I'm looking to spend from $5-7/ month.


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