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Hetzner Auction Question.
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Hetzner Auction Question.

So, I have been browsing hetzner, and see hetzner EX Line Up has pretty much better spec with the same price (ram, cpu, and disk) than in the auction one.

Whats the catch?

I am looking to build a lot of micro services (node js, apache, mysql, and nginx).

Also, a pointer to the right direction is appreciated. What should I Learn first.


  • The mid range Xeon one's like those E3-1275v5 in auction have server grade hardware, ECC RAM.

    Whereas, EX line has desktop grade hardware, non ECC RAM.

  • So, in my case, is it better to go for XEON or go for i7 ? I am going to host my apps, which have A LOT OF of reading and writing to the database. also EX line up comes with NVME.

  • @yokowasis said:

    Some Xeon E3-1275v5 and v6 have dual 512GB NVMe's too at a decent price.

    About your Xeon vs i7 question, I don't really have much knowledge about it, I personally prefer Xeon for server stuff, but maybe someone with more experience can probably tell.

  • dfroedfroe Member, Host Rep

    Research what ECC RAM is (if you don't know it yet) and then question yourself whether you want or need it in your particular use case. Not every machine serving something necessarily needs ECC RAM.

    For example if you need computing power to encode and stream videos, probably nothing will completely break down if a bit in your memory flips and you better invest your money in more computing ressources than ECC RAM.

    In another example if you have a storage system with a filesystem significantly relying on data stored in RAM (like ZFS), really bad things can happen if data in RAM changes silently and ECC RAM is probably your data's life insurance.

    So: It depends. ;)

  • Hetzner_OLHetzner_OL Member, Patron Provider, Top Host

    @yokowasis In general, our Server Auction servers are "older" models. They are no longer part of the newest line of servers and often have had previous users. (Some of our server lines have desktop grade hardware, and some have enterprise grade hardware, so you'll see a mixture in the Auction.)
    Like our normal line-up of dedicated root servers, the servers in the Auction are all completely unmanaged servers. You as the customer are completely responsible for the full administration of the server - that's why the prices are so low. So these servers are really meant for people who already have a lot of experience. If you need some guidance for what kind of server/product is right for you, you can always contact our technicians directly at They'll be happy to help. --Katie

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