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Live streaming app... Infrastructure and setup advice
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Live streaming app... Infrastructure and setup advice

mehargagsmehargags Member
edited March 2020 in Help

Hi all,
I do not have much experience with Live streaming stuff so seek some guidance regarding a project plan that is going to start with a client.

Project plan

Origin side : The video broadcaster will use Webcam or iOS/Android Phone device to come online, start a stream session for one to one or one to many. These broadcasters will be “teachers” and will price themselves as they feel.

Viewer side : Viewers will have subscription to buy “credits” and then spend credits on joining a specific teacher’s stream, see prices and spend their credits as per their liking and budget. They will access the streams Live as well as pre-recorded. They will be viewing the streams on their PCs or mobile devices. Need advice what players they can use for better experience.

Server infra : I understand I will need Nginx with RTMP module, plus FFMpeg to encode and remux into an appropriate codec. Then there is HLS and other stuff that needs additional configs. Would it be fine to ‘pilot’ this thing on an E3 dedicated with 16GB RAM for now ? Won’t have many subscribers in first 6 months but if you recommend going AWS way, I’m open to it. Can you advise what else I should be considering ?

I’d appreciate if you can link me to some recent uptodate tuts, for Ubuntu or Debian.
Are there any prebuilt FOSS apps for such “E-learning” scenario which I may setup, study, try and then extend if it feels good.

Lastly, I seek some good developer to take onboard for this concept, so if any of you has experience with such an app, it’ll be great to discuss further. Please PM me if interested.

Many thanks


  • king8654king8654 Member
    edited March 2020

    Substitute out the live noodie cams aspect and you have a bunch of already written scripts and clones to use. Would be way cheaper than development

    Would most likely want dedicated resources for anything streaming and cheap bandwidth. Also have the whole security and payment processing side of it as well

  • Fastocloud

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  • Thanks...
    Any more standardized app suites/frameworks rather than just quick scripts ?

  • I have few clients using Zoom for this
    Additionally you can use eyebeam and other software to do that
    For PURE STream you may use wowza red5 or ANTMEDIA

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