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VPS loses network a little while after starting up??
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VPS loses network a little while after starting up??

So yesterday I noticed my VPS was offline. Couldn't connect at all, so I logged onto SolusVM, and sure enough my VPS was up. Plenty of disk space, plenty of RAM, plenty of bandwidth.

I emailed Ramnode asking if they had any network issues in NL, and they said they don't but couldn't connect either, and told me to check my VPS config.

I hadn't changed anything in a long time, so I first checked last authorised logins (none), bash history (nothing since I last used it), new users (nothing there), unusual files, etc. and there was nothing.

I rebooted the VPS, and it came back on. However, about 5-10 minutes later it went offline again, so I rebooted it, and it came on, then went offline again.

The VPS remains up though. Any ideas?


  • HostEONSHostEONS Member, Host Rep

    What OS are you using ? did you checked it over VNC ?

    Also which NIC and if you have some firewall running on your VPS ?

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  • SynatiqSynatiq Member
    edited March 2020

    Sounds a bit like a hypervisor might be shutting you down once you allocate a certain amount of RAM due to overselling on their side. Might be something to check with their support.

    Could also be malware on your VPS initiating outgoing attacks that leave your server with no room to breathe, but they would have let you know about that one,

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  • Need to make sure you have static IP set and then ping various stuff to figure out if the OS itself is responding or external devices are replying.

    Also, check journalctl for errors.

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  • This to me sounds like an IP conflict on the network interface as this usually means you get disconnected after a little while.

    Please check the logs (eg. /var/log/messages, depending on distro) to see if there are any IP conflict errors there that are logged.

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  • Thanks for the replies everyone. FYI this resolved itself, maybe it was an IP conflict as suggested

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