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Centos web panel ?
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Centos web panel ?

Give me a few reasons why I should not use centos web panel .



  • agentmishraagentmishra Member, Host Rep

    for that, you need to give us the reasons why you wish to use one...

  • nemnem Member, Host Rep

    It's a blackbox of code is a good starting point. From what I've sampled through decompilation it's built around PHP 5.6, so there's little intrinsic type safety.

  • Give me a few reasons why I should not eat a Quarter Pounder with Cheese for dinner.


  • AlwaysSkintAlwaysSkint Member
    edited March 2020

    Got masses of potential and the best looking control panel, IMO.
    Poorly implemented in places and the developers/forum moderators are trippers, with poor English comprehension. I suspect they have never worked in a commercial environment.
    Changelogs aren't published and they make changes on a whim, that can (and does) break existing websites.
    It is however relatively lightweight in terms of storage space and software stack, unlike some alternatives that could be mentioned.

  • CentOS (the os) develeoper it self not recomending centos web panel.

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