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Web/ App development Company Suggestions
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Web/ App development Company Suggestions

My spouse needs a new website/ app created for her first new business venture.

It is very difficult to set a budget without knowing how much it will cost. But, I am willing to spend good $$ if the work is good and reliable.

I am seeking suggestions/ recommendations on resources/ freelancers/ companies which can help make this a reality (reliably).

Thank you in advance.


  • MariomkMariomk Member
    edited March 2020

    Hi @plumberg I would gladly give you a quote if you send me more details, either PM me or check my website and use the chat or contact form in it.

    Moderators: In case posting something like this is not allowed, please let me know and I will edit my post, I know I can't post hosting offers, but since this is a non-hosting related offer, I'm not sure if it violates the rules.

  • seriesnseriesn Member, Host Rep
  • armandorgarmandorg Member, Host Rep

    As 90% of the people in here are tech geeks, and creating a website / app is a no problem for us, i believe you'll be needing to mention more details regarding your project.

    To reduce PM's sent over you, which i believe you are already getting filled with some. Amateurs too i would bet.

    Also how much $, are you looking to spend max?

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