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Need Xen VPS offer (1GB memory, 30GB disk, 100GB/month bandwidth)
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Need Xen VPS offer (1GB memory, 30GB disk, 100GB/month bandwidth)

jgalvezjgalvez Member
edited August 2011 in General

hi i need an offer for xen vps server 1024 burstable to 2048 mb, 30gb space, 100gb bandwith, good procesor, good support.


  • tuxtux Member

    xen and burstable?

  • If you want burstable memory Xen its not your correct choice, you will need OpenVZ or Virtuozzo.

    If you want to use Xen, then search for a 1.5GB RAM vps, as for swap 512MB will do, unless youre running a GUI or an app that requires a big swap file ie Oracle DB.

  • For a gig of memory, I have a feeling that's going to cost you more than the $7 price point of what's normally discussed here. At least with any decent company.

    I know we just had a falling out with a provider who was trying to offer 2 gigs on OpenVZ:

  • There website is the worst one i have seen using that template :)

  • heh go read their sales threads on the main site:

    It'll take you a bit. It's over a 1k comments now between the three threads.

  • Hi i need burstable, xen because i know the software will work with xen, dosen't work with openvz.
    ipac-co serious vps provider? ipac-co use xen? i need at least 1500mb of ram, space it's not important 30gb space it's enough. Bandwith 100gb per month it's enough.

    There's a lot of comment about ipap-co, seems to be good opinions and bad opinions too...


  • tuxtux Member

    jgalvez said: ipac-co use xen?

    Yes, and many other virtualizations.

  • jgalvez, Xen providers do not sell "burstable".

    As theKreek said, If you want to use Xen, you will have to find a VPS with 1500MB RAM (burstable is not an option). There is "Swap" for Xen but that is slow stuff.

  • jgalvez, how much is your budget ?
    check out

  • tux said: xen and burstable?

    Yeah, is nice.. or not? ¬_¬

  • IPAP.CO use critrix xenserver virtualization(CentOS on Citrix XenServer). So, there might not be control panel.
    They have good server but support is almost not there.

    Xen does not burst only does swap.

  • Also i need vps here in Europe, for legal reasons. has no support, for me will be a nightmare...


  • legal resons? No burst with Xen. How much pay?

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