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Hudson Valley
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Hudson Valley

Can i know that anyone experienced card declined issue with hudson valley hosting. i have some clients web site hosted there and when i try to pay my invoice it declined me more than 6 times then my bank advise me not to pay them using my card as there web site payment gateway(no idea which one they are using) marked as not safe.

Then i am asking them around 6 hours now to unsuspend it for just 1 hour to take backups from my web sites they are not doing it as well. because my server suspended only today i know they can do it. but really disappointed with them. Be carefull when using there service and if anyone can advise me to get my sites from them please help me.

I hope someone else had same experience as this.


  • Wow it's 2020 and HVH is still around? It's probably the only decent brand under CC

    I used them for a couple of years and it worked fine for me no drama like we see with almost every other CC brand.

  • I think you should move to ChicagoVPS. Premium brand.


  • JordJord Moderator, Host Rep

    Welcome to the Hudson Valley Support Desk, please do hold on we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • MasonRMasonR Member, Community Contributor

    @Nick still manages HVH, I believe

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  • NickNick Member, Patron Provider
    edited February 2020

    @I_Maks_Web_Hosting - You made a ticket after midnight and asked for an extension or for service to be restored. Sadly our billing team is not in the office at midnight and usually the normal hours of 9am - 5pm GMT -5.

    I had one of our team members restore your service for the rest of the day so you may get the backup you desire, thanks and best of luck.

    @MasonR - Thanks for the headsup!

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  • did you match the LET User to the HVH Customer? Oh wait, that's right LET is HVH = CC ...they're all one in the same! LOL

  • MasonRMasonR Member, Community Contributor

    @Charles_In_IT said: did you match the LET User to the HVH Customer? Oh wait, that's right LET is HVH = CC ...they're all one in the same! LOL

    Well, I mean, it wouldn't be too hard. Just take a look at the current ticket stack and match it up to the situation at hand. As long as they're not flooding in tickets, it wouldn't difficult.

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