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Dedicated server for Postgresql database
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Dedicated server for Postgresql database

Hey guys :)

I have Hetzner server where i host only postgresql DB. i7 6700, 64gb, 2x ssd. Looks like CPU is startig to be bottleneck. I have no experience when it comes to CPUs for good database performance so what would you advise?
Hetzner i9 9900k
Hetzner Ryzen 3700x
Or maybe dual Xeon 2670 or similar would give alot more performance?
Thanks ;)


  • What's the Postgresql version? I supposed you have done all usual optimization?

  • vimalwarevimalware Member
    edited November 2019
    # su postgres
    cd /var/lib/postgresql/
    chmod +x

    Fix all the medium to high recommendations.


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  • Anyway just a quick note that if you really want to upgrade, you want more cores. An EPYC might be the best bet if you really face CPU issues after optimization.

  • dodheimsgard said: Looks like CPU is startig to be bottleneck.

    I would hazard (without really knowing too much about your schema/use cases), that there's probably plenty of tuning opportunities that you can take advantage of before going with any hardware upgrade. It is very rarely that I've seen a DB genuinely be CPU bound and more often than not it's poorly written queries, non-existing or badly designed indexes, may be evening no regular maintenance jobs and things like that that bring a DB down to its knees.

    My $0.02

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  • Run the PostgreSQL tuner, if you still have issues go for the AX41-NVMe, and get some ECC please (running DBs on i7s, not the smartest idea).

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