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SoYouStart 6TB ARM Storage Server For Transfer (BHS, CA)
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SoYouStart 6TB ARM Storage Server For Transfer (BHS, CA)

LunarLunar Member
edited October 2019 in General

ARM Cortex A9 ARMv7
1x 6TB SATA (HGST HUS726060ALE610)
BHS, Canada

Renewal price: €13.99 ex. VAT/month

These are quite hard to grab. The drive is helium sealed which is nice. Looking to get $20 USD via PayPal. PM if interested.

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  • I'm not sure if you need a Ireland (IE) SYS account for the transfer to work. Never done a transfer, but I'll open a ticket.

  • hzrhzr Member

    I am curious what the process is. The last time someone had one of these I ticketed, didn't get a response in over a week, then was told SYS can't transfer and only OVH can.

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  • AFAIK you can't transfer these, but you can basically give the whole account away - just change the details and away she goes.

  • Darn, I guess this thread should be closed then. Are other servers but these transferable?

  • edited October 2019

    These SYS ARM boxes are transferable. I did one having a Canadian account.

  • Seeing some mixed things now! Maybe it depends on account location? I'm not sure, still waiting on a response back from SYS in my ticket.

  • Maybe this is done on a case by case basis then?

  • Got a response back from SYS this morning, unfortunately it doesn't seem possible :(

    Thank you for contacting So You Start Support.
    It is not possible to transfer servers between SYS accounts.
  • krenkenkrenken Member
    edited October 2019

    I have some experience transferring on both Kim and SYS.

    From my experience, both accounts need to be in the same region. Both parties need to submit a ticket requesting the server. One with the customer-ID of the receiver and the other with the RDNS of the requested server.

    This is then verified and the transfer process is initiated. The time frame between initiation and completion varies across brands. SYS has been transferred within as little 30mins to 1 day. While at Kimsufi I've waited between roughly 1-5 days.

  • @krenken, not sure what to say as SYS support said it's not possible. Kind of confusing, if they say it's not possible not sure what I'd do.

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