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gtraxgtrax Member


I am not sure as I did not expect this from oneprovider. After one week of ordering and them telling me that the server is going to be delivered I am told that the server is out of stock and then a server is delivered which has just 140GB of drive space of HDD instead of two 500 SSD drives. I mentioned that now it is almost 10 days in total that they are coming back telling me they cannot provide the specs that I ordered and they can refund me now.

That is just plain pathetic as far as I believe being having dedi's and VPS with so many different providers. They have just wasted 10 days and normally stock issues are dealt very early after ordering.

Has anyone faced similar issue with them ? Or can anyone point to the right direction; I do not have another week to start testing stuff so looking for a dedi in EU ideally. Is there some representation of Oneprovider here at LET?



  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited October 2019

    gtrax said: I am not sure as I did not expect this from oneprovider.

    I didn't even read past this sentence. Why would you not expect this? I know I,my self, took the time to comment about their support and service level in their most recent 'promo' thread here on LET and stated outright it's a shit show and to be weary of it. Others stated the same, very openly. So if you chose to continue, even after being warned by many of us here, then you only have your self to blame for any negative experience. There is a reason they have a ton of those resold boxes sitting vacant to sell, it is because its a bunch of old hardware and anytime someone has a problem, instead of fixing it, they just ignore the customer until they let the box expire, then resell the same box with whatever issues in whatever state it is to someone else.

    To be honest, not sure why I wasted time even posting this, here, the writings on the wall in any thread here on LET about them. Generally if somethings too good to be true, it is and there is a good reason it costs what it does. Use the server you got for a month or simply take the refund and move on like all the others have, having learned from this experience .

    my 2 cents.


  • @TheLinuxBug Thanks for mentioning the thread you posted. I actually did not go through any promotional stuff as just went ahead ordering normally on the website.

    Yes I now see a lot of comment on the September promotion but in general for non-critical stuff I supposed they would be okay.

    And the cost that I paid is not in the bracket of too good to be true; just one of those times when I went ahead just before verifying the current stature of the provider on LET or similar forum.

    But to be very honest it is okay for some to move on; I will not just let is expire or just get a refund and not mention it; Good that I posted and got an honest feedback from you. Thanks @TheLinuxBug I presume others will post once again.

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  • tgltgl Member

    They are waiting for people to cancel, most likely you are in a queue, you will get your server when you reach the top, dunno when that will be though.

  • Meanwhile someone somewhere is posting about getting a server with two 500 ssd's after only ordering a single 140 gig drive.

    Just saying it seems to be Oneproviders normal MO.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    Don't like them? Sue them. Simple as that.

    Don't have guts to sue? That's on you.

  • pikepike Veteran

    Go with Heinz

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