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How do i connect from a vps to my home computer? [Open ports]
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How do i connect from a vps to my home computer? [Open ports]

MikasaMikasa Member
edited September 2019 in Help

Have seen many knowledge bombs thrown here, (which goes over my head) but i want to know how i can connect to my computer from a vps using any port (for eg 81 or 8181) such that it can send for example a push message to my computer ip4 address which i can get using cmd
ipconfig /all command.

because every time i try to do it, it just never connects,only localhost works. Any godly insight would be welcomed.


  • The easiest way, is using tinc.
    A vps as tinc server, and computer connect to vps as tinc client.

    VPS with IP such, and computer with

    VPS can ping the computer and vice versa, and with port redirect we can access the computer from the internet. Or we can use vpn or shadowsock connected to vps, and directly access the computer from IP address.

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  • Hi, if you haven't static IP, you may to use DDNS servers what could give ability access to your home machine. Than launch some kind of VPN server it is depends on OS. Setup VPN account. Next step to configure VPN client and try to connect.

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  • The easiest is probably ssh -R As long as your SSH connection is active, your VPS could access port 1234 on your computer by accessing

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