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Using a second email with Dropbox for a separate sync stream?
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Using a second email with Dropbox for a separate sync stream?

raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

I was thinking of using Dropbox on my VMs for backups and magic folder that is synchronized everywhere, etc.

However, I use Dropbox extensively for my own desktop use, on multiple desktops/laptops, and tons of my personal stuff, projects, etc. is on it. I definitely don't want to replicate that to all my VPSes (for one thing it's 200GB).

I'm aware of Selective Sync, but I'm also aware that Dropbox includes by default. So if I add a folder, then I have to have every VPS selectively exclude that folder. Or I have to rearchitect my Dropbox folders to have one "VPS" root folder and one "non-VPS" root folder all my other stuff is off of.

I don't want to pay for Dropbox for Teams to add another email address...anyone know if it's possible to setup a second email address in the same account (I have Dropbox Plus) that is treated as a separate stream? I'm guessing not because that means you could give one to your friend but I can't be the first person to desire this...or maybe I am?

Or other thoughts? I don't use Google Drive and could try that, though it's another $10/mo and I already have more storage than I need with Dropbox.


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