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[HostingInside] IRC Allowed VPS, 3 IPv4, $7.5 Quarterly
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[HostingInside] IRC Allowed VPS, 3 IPv4, $7.5 Quarterly

jenokjenok Member, Host Rep
edited February 2012 in Offers

CPU: 600Mhz
HD: 10GB
MEM: 128MB
Traffic: 250GB/month
3 IPv4
Location: Germany
Virtualization: OpenVZ
$7.5 USD Quarterly
Order Here Use coupon code DEIRC2012


  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    BW ?

  • jenokjenok Member, Host Rep

    250GB/month :)

  • @jenok said: HD: 100GB

    That's a ton of disk space for $2.50/mo, especially including the 3 IPv4's. Or did you perhaps mean 10GB?

  • i hope so.. the plan at the website says 10 Gb ;)

  • fanfan Veteran

    If it's 100gb, I'd like to take two. :D

  • jenokjenok Member, Host Rep

    I am sorry, should be 10G :D

  • Wow, 3 ipv4 is cool! But the location is a little bit slow for Chinese users.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran
    edited February 2012

    3 IPv4... I am not familiar with IRC, maybe it is something needed there, but otherwise for that BW would be a waste IMO.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited February 2012

    @Jenok - IPv6 option?

    @Maounique each specification from EVERY host is market related option. More options the better. This one as example will be appreciated by IRC users on networks limited to two connections per IP. Especially if they give some connection to their friends. If they host game clan members, etc. Each offer... It's just about business and nothing else. I am pretty sure that you can find a host suitable to you somewhere ;-)

    edit. btw. didn't you modified your post above after you saw my reply? :P

  • Is there any burst ram on this offer or do you just get 128

  • jenokjenok Member, Host Rep

    @Spirit said: @Jenok - IPv6 option?

    Yes, 5 Native IPv6 only :)

    @JoeMerit said: Is there any burst ram on this offer or do you just get 128

    Sorry, no burstable ram.

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