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UpTo 50%OFF | $49.5/mo Unlimited 100Mb/s E3 16GB RAM Singapore Dedi, $24/yr Singapore 1GB RAM VPS - Page 2
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UpTo 50%OFF | $49.5/mo Unlimited 100Mb/s E3 16GB RAM Singapore Dedi, $24/yr Singapore 1GB RAM VPS



  • It cost $10 per month per TB of additional bandwidth, but a budget VPS with 1TB of bandwidth and 1 IPv4 goes as low as $2 a month. I am not quite sure what to make of this.

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited October 2019

    @poisson - I'm guessing that people who order the extra bandwidth are likely to actually use it. The $2 vps might average out with many people not using the full 1 TB allotment - or serves as a loss-leader for customer acquisition (so might be subsidized by a marketing budget of sorts) ...

    tl;dr: seems legit :)

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  • MelitaMelita Member, Host Rep
    edited October 2019

    It is on but unfortunately the cheapest KVM is above LET price limit. I would suggest to test the latency of both Premium and Budget VPS test IP to see if it benefits you.

    As uptime mentioned, customer who ordered additional bandwidth most of the time use all of the quota so we had to charge higher (with profits of course).

    We can charge much lower for normal vps due to bandwidth overcommit. For example, let's say that after analyzing 1000 VPS, you see that most customer only consumes around 1/32 of what the vps is assigned (i.e. if VPS sold has 512 GB bandwidth, you find out that statistically every VPS average usage is 16 GB monthly.)

    Knowing this, you are able to sell 512 GB VPS with the price as low as 16 GB VPS with profit. Of course customers are allowed to use all the 512 GB of bandwidth, it is just that not all of them will do it. It is the same with most home ISP around the world. Also works with RAM on OpenVZ VPS. As long as customer is still satisfied and you still fulfill your product specification as advertised, we think it is fine to do it.

    About the price of IP, we do it to make spammer and abuser rethinks of their cost vs risk analysis. Besides, you can only choose one default gateway route from multiple IP and usually this can severely limit your use case. That is why most (not all) customers usually order multiple VPS with single IP instead of one VPS with multiple IP. It is also much easier on our costs and resource planning.

  • Thanks for explaining. Your pricing is in a very sweet spot for the 1gb VPS compared to the cloud providers with a Singapore presence or even most Singaporean hosts. I don't need a SG-based VPS yet, but might need one in future and I will drop a line to ask when the time comes

  • Thanks for your information, I am surely going to know about this server hosting plans. Thank-You

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