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Would you use CyberPanel for a long term set-up?
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Would you use CyberPanel for a long term set-up?

I had a lot of issues with Direct Admin lately, unable to import backups and the install itself taking up my whole disk space (20gb)

So, looking for alternatives.

Why is this free alternative overlooked?

Whats your experience with CP?


  • I have been testing it with some non-critical sites this weekend, and I'm impressed. It's not the most polished, and has some minor bugs, but definitely worth a try.

    Also judging by the fact that you are using Direct Admin, you might be interested to know that there is a paid version and it includes premium support, in case of any bugs.

    Try it and share your experience :smile:

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  • i have installed on 2 vpses and happy so far....

  • Upgrade process of the last 2 versions was breaking things ... (After a big security update)
    But I found clear instructions on how to fix it on their forum. Overal it's ok

  • Froxlor is worth checking out for long term setup imo: you can have stuff just the way you want and it's fairly secure and easy to customize (add varnish, stuff like that..)

  • cybertechcybertech Member
    edited August 2019

    cyberpanel has ongoing bugs especially since recent security updates. gonna take quite some time to sort these out but overall usable and been stable since past year or so. do not recommend to upgrade; its better to do fresh install everytime try out new version.

    the good thing about cyberpanel so far is that its well configured with openlitespeed out of the box, redis cache etc and handles web delivery well. its remote transfer and scheduled backup feature(when working) is good and easy to implement.

    panel install time is 8-13 mins all-in on good VPS, and no more installation within panel.

    just tried staging feature on 1.8.8 (not a wordpress site), again it works but needs some workaround to get it running.

    so overall semi-unpolished due to constant addition of new features, but quite complete and fluid, feature packed, php selector, web staging, easy to configure webserver panel, backups.

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  • agentmishraagentmishra Member, Host Rep

    do cypderpanel support clustering - something like dnsonly

  • Of course not. Why?

    1. Immature
    2. Unstable
    3. Niche product (can be botched any second)

    Just for hobby projects.

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  • currently i installed on 2 vps, so far the features is good, need edit config here and there for non-wordpress site. for schedule backup not working, but the phyton script do (maybe not working after upgrade).

    yeah its rely on openlitespeed, is something has change it can be problem. but im placing my database not in its vps itself, a remote mysql and i have backup the websites data. so if something will be f*ckup i can easily migrate to another vm.

  • @Amitz said:

    CyberPanel is honestly a mess. They pushed some update out, not sure what's fixed or > isn't... communication is a bit lacking at the moment. I haven't had time to deal with > that, but will ASAP!

    That doesn’t sound good. I think that’s the answer. No you wouldn't use CyberPanel as a long-term solution in its current state.

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  • At least not at its current state, according to Patrick.
    Take it with a grain of salt until he tells us more about his results.

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