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IPv6 BGP Session/Announce Supported VPS Providers, & 2GB / 1GB VPS deals
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IPv6 BGP Session/Announce Supported VPS Providers, & 2GB / 1GB VPS deals

Erik4Erik4 Member
edited July 2019 in Requests

i'm looking for 2GB or 1GB KVM or OpenVZ7 (specs are shown below) based VPS deals/plans from any VPS-Providers who can attach my-own (your user/customer owned) IPv6-NET for FREE ( IPv6-BGP-ANNOUNCEMENT / IPv6-BGP-SESSION ) with the VPS which i (your user/customer) will purchase/rent from you.

My IPv6-NET Provider needs VPS-Provider's AS-number, to supply/link the (customer-owned) (BGP) IPv6-NET into (or with the) VPS-Provider's BGP Router/Server . Then they (net-admins) need to setup ( route6, RPKI object, etc ) & attach/allot the specific (BGP) IPv6-NET with specific VPS NIC (which is assigned to the specific VPS for specific customer, for me).

I do not yet have my own AS / ASN (autonomous system) . I will begin without creating my own AS . Once my project becomes stable: project has more (PAID) users , then i will register my own AS/ASN by using two (or four) of these VPS deals/servers.

VZ TYPE (Virtualization Type) : KVM or OpenVZ7.

NUMBER of CORES : at-least 1-Core (1C) , but better if 2-Cores (2C) or more.
Each Core(1C) uses "2-WAY-SMT" feature , so each Core(1C) has 2-Threads(2T) , & because of this "2-WAY-SMT" feature each Core(1C) can ACT as 2-virtual-CPU aka 2-vCPU.
So, at-least 2-Threads(2T), but better if 4-Threads(4T) or more,
aka, atleast 2-vCPUs, but better if 4-vCPUs or more.
CPU PASSTHROUGH for AES, etc must be enabled by default.
( Please also state what exact PERCENT of each-Thread's computing-power or computing-performance, etc (CPU-Thread management techniques & allotment) is actually assigned/committed to your each VPS deal ).
Must SPECIFY exact CPU Brand/Model number ( & CPU speed ) of HOST-NODE server/computer.

Must specify HOST-NODE's total RAM.

if SSD type, 2GB-RAM VPS should have 40GB+, 1GB-RAM VPS should have 20GB+.
if HDD type, 2GB-RAM VPS should have 120GB+, 1GB-RAM VPS should have 60GB+.
Must specify HOST-NODE's total Disk space, drive config, etc.

2GB-RAM VPS must allow at-least 2TB/month or more.
1GB-RAM VPS must allow at-least 1TB/month or more.

minimum UPLINK network port speed need to be 1Gbps , but 10Gbps+ is better.
Must SPECIFY the numbers/count of your HOST-NODE server/computer's NETWORK PORT(s)/NIC(s) : is it SINGLE/DUAL or more port ? ( how may network-cards/adapters in hostnode ? )

DDoS PROTECTION : Not needed . But, if available then +point for the VPS Provider & VPS deals.

Number of IPv4s : atleast 1xIPv4 address in each VPS is included , better if includes 2xIPv4-address.

Number of IPv6s : atleast 1xIPv6 native address by default in each VPS is included , better if includes 2xIPv6-address.
The most important thing for this thread that i or other-users need to know this : PROVIDER MUST SPECIFY , IF PROVIDER CAN DO IPv6-BGP-ANNOUNCEMENT/SESSION for customer-owned IPv6-NET for FREE or NOT.
If Provider can attach/allot customer-owned (BGP) IPv6-NET with specific VPS's specific NIC (which is assigned to the customer) , and if Provider can ALSO ASSIGN at-least 1 or 2 native IPv6-address (or a native /64 IPv6-NET) from VPS Provider's own native IPv6-NET pool in the same NIC/eth0 , OR, if Provider can assign at-least 1 native IPv6-address (or a native /64 IPv6-NET) in NIC/eth0, & can assign the customer-owned (BGP) IPv6-NET in the 2nd NIC/eth1 ) , then that is +point.


LOCATION : ( DC=DataCenter )
initially, need 1 VPS from USA or nearby, and 1 VPS from EU or nearby.
later, total 2 VPSes from USA or nearby, and 2 VPSes from EU or nearby.

BILLING PERIOD : specify Annual (recurring) fee/rate.

BUDGET : let me/us know your current (July-2019) lowest-possible annual/yearly price/fee for your VPS plan/deal, with above requirements.
USA+nearby plan/deal should specify USD $.
EU+nearby plan/deal should specify Euro €.

My project info:
These above requirements are needed to allow my project's own DNS-NameServer(s) & other server-scripts able to setup "PTR"/RDNS, "NS", etc various DNS records ( for our own IPv6-NET's REVERSE-LOOKUP-ZONE ) by themselves (on their own) , instantly & very-QUICKLY & easily . This IPv6 based Project is using/assigning unique IPv6-address to project's each member user/device, etc . DNS-NameServers & other server-apps/scripts will use DNSSEC+DANE , & my project apps/scripts will use encryption for each network data/packet.

( Alternative : By the way , if VPS/BGP/etc services are too costly/over-priced , then, i will just get FREE IPv6-NET from HurricaneElectric , NetAssist, etc any TUNNEL-BROKERS , & use 6in4 tunnel into simple (low-cost) OpenVZ7 or KVM , and configure my DNS-NameServers & project scripts to use those 6in4 tunneled resources . Plus side : Cheaper / low-cost solution . Negative side : scripts will have to be reconfigured to use tunnel net-interfaces , not native speed (slightly-slower) , tunneled IPv6-NET may not be allowed/whitelisted by various other web service-providers , some data/traffic/port may be blocked/filtered , tunnel (from VPS to TB) may not be encrypted , etc. )

Thank you in advance, for your considerations & for posting details of your offers/plans/deals.

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  • Jake4Jake4 Member

    @Erik4 said:

    ( DC=DataCenter )


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  • edited July 2019

    There's a good spreadsheet listing providers at

    I'm quite curious about why IPv6 reverse DNS is so important for your use - I guess your last thread didn't find many offers - it might help if you'd be able to share more details on what exactly you need it for?

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  • Erik4Erik4 Member

    Hi YellowHummingbird , THANK YOU for the list/spreadsheet.

    i think its not uptodate . via pre-sales support-ticket we had long conversation with anyNode , at-end they said they cannot do BGP (1 or 2 weeks earlier) ! even for a KVM (some type of upgrading work is being done) ! they even posted few OVZ offers few days early here in LET , & also said they are not doing BGP with those , but in the list its showing anyNode as "Service: VPS, Dedicated , Minimum Service: Lowest Plans, BGP Fee: None", etc etc !

    Reverse lookup DNS records & forward lookup DNS records both type of records are used by the project heavily . its a p2p+centralized , mixed communication channels based platform+software , which prefers to use ipv6-addresses more, rather than using ipv4-adrs . mobile/desktop app uses either secure-6in6 or secure-6in4 tunnel data to obtain DDNS+DHCP based unique id + ipv6 from centralized server(s) . for these, mobile/desktop app obtains both reverse+forward lookup DNSSEC+DANE+SSHFP+PTR,etc,etc DNS data/records & uses it's own PKI key/cert set , for further authentication/verification and then to communicate with each other (who are authenticated).
    there are many other similar implementations (secure communication platform/software) out there , this is+will be another one , with slightly different approach.
    its a closed network for project users/members only , except that emails can be sent out , but either for user verification/backup email , or toward a member/user, only if other member/user agreed/approved each other . mobile/desktop app uses pre-mentioned techniques to connect & obtain (gpg/pgp-encrypted) secure emails , now we allow only POP3S, as we do not have sufficient disk space for each user to use IMAPS . project assigns it's own email-adrs, it does not send email to user's gmail/outlook/yahoo/etc . User can send out email to external email-servers by using their project's email-address , only when other-server's user has sent an email 1st, to our project user with specific code shown in web-portal, ( that establishes other-server's user clearly wanted to receive email from+with our project-user, then we allow it ) . if they don't like our way, they can use their own other way.

    And since i/we will use our own IPv6-NET space/resources , then VPS Provider do not need to worry that their IPv6 Adrs/NET will be abused, somehow.

    i/we have already taken VPS services from LET Provider(s), which includes VPS-Provider's native /64 IPv6-NET and we are using them , no one has ever found their IPv6es or IPv4s are abused by my project.

    multiple VPS providers, allotted us blacklisted ip-address , we whitelisted them.

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  • uptimeuptime Member

    lulz ... welcome back, I guess.


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  • sanvitsanvit Member

    Need a tl;dr

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited July 2019

    @sanvit said:
    Need a tl;dr

    tl;dr: looks like an "interesting" project.


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  • Hi , if you looking for ipv6 peer its possible right now many ISP offering this for free

  • freerangecloudfreerangecloud Member, Patron Provider

    All of our Fremont and Ashburn VPS plans support BGP

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  • This guy is just a bundle of joy..

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  • deankdeank Member, Troll
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    I petition to change the user banned jerkon image to something else.

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  • Uhh so what's the context here (for the ban)?

  • @ehhthing said:
    Uhh so what's the context here (for the ban)?

    I think they got banned because Ban evasion

  • FoulFoul Member

    ehhthing said: Uhh so what's the context here (for the ban)?

    he has erik2,erik3, now erik4

    Just with a bunch of tldr's

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