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nodequery no longer working? website inaccessible
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nodequery no longer working? website inaccessible

elixirelixir Member

I probably haven't logged in for a few weeks, checked today and isn't loading.

Anyone having the same issue? I'm contemplating removing the agent from my nodes.

Removal command for those who need it:

Remove Agent

As soon as you delete a server from our interface, following command will be shown to remove the monitoring agent and any related data as well as user accounts from your system. Simply execute it as root on the server you don't want to monitor anymore.

rm -R /etc/nodequery && (crontab -u nodequery -l | grep -v "/etc/nodequery/") | crontab -u nodequery - && userdel nodequery

Verifying Removal

To verify that everything was removed successfully, simply check if the directory /etc/nodequery and its owner account nodequery do not exist on your system anymore. If you are using an older version of the monitoring script, you might have to remove the cron entry with the user root instead of removing the account nodequery.

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