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directadmin + cloudflare Email sending problem
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directadmin + cloudflare Email sending problem

KodisKodis Member

Dedicated server with directadmin
parked some domains and added them to Cloudflare.
Want to send some email but all them goes to gmail SPAM folder.
How to fix this problem?


  • RossGRossG Member, Host Rep

    Are you using email authentication such as SPF and DKIM?

  • KodisKodis Member

    Yes i'm using but one problem with Name servers. Provider gave me only one Ip so i can't setup ns1 and ns2 so i use default my domain registrar name servers and link to my server ip (through cloudflare).

  • BopieBopie Member

    you will need to setup the name servers in cloudflare, another then is try and use a site like mail-tester to tell you why its going to spam, it could be that you have not setup spf records etc or it could be that the ip is blacklisted

  • agentmishraagentmishra Member, Host Rep

    you can setup the ns 1 as well as 2 with the same ip, then try
    (although its not good practice, but since you wish to use cloudflare, may try it)

  • ulayerulayer Member, Host Rep

    Send an email to

    It'll tell you what's wrong.

  • RalliasRallias Member

    Also, beyond SPF/DKIM (maybe DMARC) that's already mentioned, do you have a forward-confirmed rDNS on your box?

  • Sofia_KSofia_K Member

    you can try zoho mail for sending/receiving emails. I've enabled them recently on one of my domain. its free and put their mx records. Mail is not going in gmail spam folder anymore. SPF records are now outdated feature. try DKIM DMARC.

  • KodisKodis Member

    Thank's for help, still trying to pass with this error :)
    the problem is DKIM signature is not valid...
    Now trying to fix this porblem.

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