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Windows VPS by hourly rate.
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Windows VPS by hourly rate.

thekreekthekreek Member
edited August 2011 in General

This mostly doesn't fit the LEB criteria, but hopefully I will get some good tips.

Looking for a VPS with the following resources:

  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • 50GB hd
  • 2Ghz cpu
  • Billing by the hours used
  • Ability to backup/image the server so it can be reload it again.

The last two are very important, since I only will need the vps for 2 days a week (monday 6pm-10pm, friday 6pm-10pm) for around 5 months, paying for a whole month of usage would turn out more expensive.

If LEA its not ok with this post, its ok if it gets deleted. Thanks.


  • Can you do windows as a time share? Been many years since "time sharing" went by me.

  • KuroKuro Member

    Have you looked at Amazon's EC2?

  • SoftLayer and Rackspace have decent hourly prices on their cloud servers. I'd avoid EC2 - it's pretty unreliable and your CPU is NOT guaranteed.

  • Don't those all have a minimum you have to pay, even if you don't use the processor?

  • I tested EC2, the IO was sometimes very slow as for Softlayer and Rackspace, I cant make the image of the server and download/upload it as it's required.

    Since this is for a small personal project I'm trying to keep costs at a minimum, for the small time the vps its required (4-5 hours per day, just 1 or 2 days a week).

  • tuxtux Member


  • Linkie:

    From a quick scan of their site though, it's pay per hour but you'll have to pay for the time you're not using. That was the point i was trying to raise up there.

  • They're not making a calculation down to the seconds but it is hourly payment from a prepaid-account.

  • Yes but you're still paying even if its sitting their not doing anything.

  • I unerstand their prepaid-plan somehow differently:

    By hourly burst use, deducted from your prepaid balance

    This scheme offers most flexibility for you to start, stop and scale your cloud servers, as and when you need. The hourly rates are higher than our subscription rates, since demand is less predictable for us.

  • That's the burst rate. That's for when you need extra processing:

    There's still a 40 cent min charge per hour:

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