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How to detect mainstream VPNs?
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How to detect mainstream VPNs?

Hello, are there lists of ASN/IPs used by mainstream vpn services such as NordVPN, TunnelBear and similar?


  • bob1bob1 Member

    For NordVPN you can get it here

    But I would expect them to shut that down some time in the future. They have many different ASNs, so you can't hope to block them all.

    You can also try using this made by a member here but it has a very low request limit and the cost is too high for anyone not a real business.

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  • I think @op want to purcashe server from thier provider

  • For tunnelbear, they use DO/Linode/Vultr, M247 and OneProvider
    Actually many VPN use OneProvider...

  • pxhaxorpxhaxor Member
    edited April 2019

    Try my sig to detect them. Not perfect, but it's done its job most of the time.

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  • There are public lists around like this one:

  • If you want to check if someone is using a vpn you can check the mtu of the connection, some vpn protocols add a header. Lower mtu doesn't mean it's a vpn, but it's one of the possible indications.

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  • edfoxedfox Member

    Thank you very much for all the replies. My interest is not to block people using VPNs, but just show them an alert on my website about the safety of them.

    I'll check the sources you sent

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