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BlaZeBlaZe Member, Host Rep

Recently I bumped into this site:

Install your Linux server in One Click
A collection of applications you can install in your linux VPS or Dedicated server.

Anyone aware of it? They require your SSH credentials though :s

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  • LeonDynamicLeonDynamic Member
    edited April 2019

    Have you tried it? Not seen this before.

  • Not trusting this. I might as well use yunohost

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    Contributing to the idiocracy.

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  • The best way to have free servers.

  • Right up there with all of those "Just run this" Shadowsocks installers the Chinese love, and start magically sending spam and CPU mining with.

  • AmitzAmitz Member

    I lol'ed.

  • Yes, using your credentials is completely secure. The entire website is protected with https so all the traffic is encrypted.

    Also, for your protection, we will never keep your credentials in our system longer than neccesary. This is how your credentials are used:

    You provide your credentials to install your server
    The credentials are used to install the server
    The credentials are removed from our system (wether the installation is successfull or not)
    That means that your credentials will only be in our system 5 minutes or less (the time to install your server).

    If you are really concerned with security. You can set up a temporary password for the user you provide and change that password once the installation has been completed.

    Yeah.. no..

  • The best part is that it understands apt-get, and totally doesn't install anything subversive as root!

  • At least they don't try to fake the numbers, still too high

    Servers Installed
    Install Options

  • Hello there,

    I am the owner of The website was created a few months ago so it is quite new. I am a sysadmin myself and the website was created to make it easier to deploy new servers. There are many vps providers that do not provide one click apps or provide outdated apps and that is where installvps can help.

    If you are concerned with security, you don't need to use the root user. You can use a sudo user and after the installation remove or disable this user.

    If you want a sysadmin or a webapp to help you manage your servers in any way, the only way to do this is with root/sudo credentials, because that is the only way you can make use of apt to install software.

    But we install your server in the cleanest way possible and using best practices. Some similar tools install their own software to take control of the server but installvps does not install anything like that. It only uses ssh access for the installation without having to install anything else.

    If you need a hand to test a installation I will be happy to help. Or if anybody wants to run an audit I will also be happy to help, you can monitor the installation and you will see that it is as clean as it gets.


  • What if your site got hacked and we enter our SSH details.

  • BlaZeBlaZe Member, Host Rep

    @iloveasia said:
    What if your site got hacked and we enter our SSH details.

    Same, thats what even I am sceptical of.

  • @iloveasia said:
    What if your site got hacked and we enter our SSH details.

    We know that every website, vps server and hosting provider has a chance to get hacked. For us, security is a priority and I can assure you that we are taking every step possible to keep our infraestructure and our users secure. You can see this in some of the decision we took to build the service, like not storing credentials, allowing the use of sudo or not installing any additional software.

    I can also tell you that we are not new to the website and hosting business. We have been working with websites and vps servers for 8+ years.

    In every service you use, you have to put a degree of trust, you trust your service provider, your sysadmins/developers, your employees, the software you install in your server and so on.

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