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Network specialist (GRE TUNNEL)
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Network specialist (GRE TUNNEL)


I have 2 servers. One in datacenter 1 and one in datacenter 2.
The server in datacenter 1 is a normal Centos 7 dedicated server with 2x /26 subnets (DDoS protected OVH)
The server in datacenter 2 is a KVM based hypervisor running on Centos 7

I want to use the /26 subnets of server 1 on the virtual machines on server 2. I was told this can be done via a GRE tunnel.

I successfully setup a GRE tunnel between to server but I don't know how to route the public subnets over this GRE tunnel and use them on my virtual machines.

I'm searching for someone who can do this for me and/or provide me with the right commands to do this.

If you know how to do this please contact me here or add me on discord: jordynl#0001
and tell me your price.


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  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    Why 3 posts, man? Why?!

  • deankdeank Member, Troll
    edited April 2019

    The third time's the charm, some idiots say.


    OP has a memory span of an ant.

  • This knowledge would actually be useful.
    I to have wanted to know how to do this.
    Seems to me most people gawk at the idea when asked how to do.
    If I recall most google results only tell you how to route private IPs, but no guides on how to directly bind to remote public IPs

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  • imokimok Member

    jordynegen11 said: add me on discord

    Open a new thread for that.

  • jordynegen11jordynegen11 Member
    edited April 2019

    Huge thanks to @malek for helping me out! It's working now!

    @Actavus I will create a how-to in the next days.

    @mods sorry for the double posts

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  • malekmalek Member, Host Rep

    looks like that CCNA was worth it... lol

    basically, set up a GRE tunnel between two servers. add a static route for the subnet (was a /26 in this case) to the other end of the tunnel.

    now on the 2nd server, add a routing table with a default gw of the tunnel IP & add a source rule for the subnet (which is assigned to the libvirt interface), so something like 'ip rule add from subnet/26 table ovh'.

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  • @jordynegen11 said:
    Huge thanks to @malek for helping me out! It's working now!

    @Actavus I will create a how-to in the next days.

    @mods sorry for the double posts

    More like triple...

    Anyway, since it’s all working, I’ll close the thread. If you need it re-opened, feel free to send any staff member a PM or open a new thread (if you’re going to post the tutorial).

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