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Cheap dedicated with 10GBPS
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Cheap dedicated with 10GBPS

OrbazzoOrbazzo Member
edited March 2019 in Requests

Hello everyone,

I joined the forum because it seemed interesting to me and I needed a host

that offers me a dedicated with 10gbps connection and unlimited bandwidth, my budget is

range 400/600€, I do not need so much hardware because my use is just streaming video,

Thanks in advance

Location: EU


  • Orbazzo said: 10gbps connection and unlimited bandwidth

    Only thing gonna come close to this cost it going to be 10Gbit or maybe Cogent and that's assuming you can find a provider with that type of bandwidth spare and willing to sell at bulk (read bulk transit). To get anything realistic that isn't just bulk rate transit, your gonna be 2x that budget and your probably still going to come up a bit more just to get a crappy link.

    Plus this type of service means your 95th percentile usage is going to be high, so anything that isn't bulk rate is probably going to charge at 95th percentile and its not going to come close to that budget either.

    You would do better to find a provider that has the blend you would like to use and then approaching them directly and see if you can make a long term / bulk rate agreement in some way. Otherwise, go to Hetzner or OVH and pay what they ask, they are the only ones probably gonna provide a 10gbit with decent mix while not charging 95th percentile.

    my 2 cents.


  • imokimok Member

    Heymman, but most probably it's OOS. Contact him.

  • LeviLevi Member has massive bw servers. Also ovh

  • edfoxedfox Member
    edited March 2019

    Unlimited 1/10/40gbit connection.

  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited March 2019

    Wow, I didn't realize they had 10Gbit for such a low price now. That may be what the OP needs... assuming they don't have some fine print stating its not for streaming..

    To note...

    10Gbit/s Premium Unmetered (+ € 500.00 per month)
    Guaranteed speed: 5Gbit/s up & 5Gbit/s down

    10Gbit/s Premium Unmetered (+ € 999.00 per month)
    Guaranteed speed: 10Gbit/s up & 10Gbit/s down

    Okay, so € 1124.00 per month sounds a lot more appropriate.


  • I know FDC has 10GBS in us but don't think in europe

    but yea that worldstream dedi is a sick deal damn good find

  • Jona4sJona4s Member
    edited March 2019 has a base $79.99 + 10Gbps port ($75.00), = $154/month.

    The catch is only 20TB transfer :P

  • Dedicated 10gbps port would cost you thoudsand at least.

  • zhujizhuji Member
    edited March 2019

    @Orbazzo said:

    10G share port

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