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Beta testers needed for load-balancing service
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Beta testers needed for load-balancing service

Hey all, a year ago we started building a load-balancing system capable of using RUM data to make on-the-fly decisions based on real-time performance and uptime of monitored endpoints.
Basically this simplifies multi-CDN and multi-cloud deployments.

In addition it supports:

  • GEO balancing. Continents, regions, cities...
  • GEO proximity balancing. Route users to geographically closest location.
  • Synthetic monitoring and failover
  • Write JS to create your own custom lb logic
  • Pull custom data from third-party sources
  • Logs and analytics for all responses in the UI

I am looking for people interested to beta test this service and send me their feedback. I would also love for the feedback to be detailed and if the authors could provide examples, suggestions and their own ideas instead of "it sucks" :)

We have many features and changes under dev, once we deploy everything including fixes based on the feedback above we can do a public test as well!

PM me if you are interested!


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  • ehabehab Member

    i am interested, will pm now.

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  • eoleol Member
    edited March 2019

    I am outterested.

    Therefore I will not PM now.

    Thanked by 1desperand
  • Came for the RUM, was disappointed by the JavaScript. The world truly ended in 2012.

  • So, cheaper CloudFlare Pro?

  • sanvit said: CloudFlare Pro

    CloudFlare Pro doesn't come with any of the mentioned features.

    Thanked by 1eol
  • @vovler said:

    sanvit said: CloudFlare Pro

    CloudFlare Pro doesn't come with any of the mentioned features.

    Sorry... Didn't read carefully and thought this was just another anycast reverse-proxy

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