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Identity check / Fraud Check services opinion
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Identity check / Fraud Check services opinion

Hello everyone,

A client is starting off with a Tutorial and Online Learning which will have good amount of readable as well as video content. Though I understand there is no real fool proof way of securing your content from leaking and plagiarism, since this is a paid subscription, we want to use some kind of FraudCheck service to have some basic authentication check on the subscriber and have an NDA signed.

The team was recommended something like but this is about 200/month which I feel is quite a high fee, yet I don't think they offer any proper guarantees or assurances. I couldn't see any good testimonials or real world reviews for them either. So I wanted to check with providers and members here on your recommendation towards what best we can use to Identity check our signups. I'm not sure if the client is willing to goto extremities of giving out Passport/Driving License but they are very much keen on neglecting illicit crowd who is not willing to adhere to proper identity check.

One more reason to be tying up their Credit Card is that as these are all paid courses, we will have to see we are not charged back by the buggers. Can we use Fraudcheck/ MaxMind or alike to presume people who signup are genuine and dependable.

Please recommend your opinions and approach over this... even if we can fish out 80-85% of the bad crowd, it should be sufficient for the start.


  • Watermark the content or alter it in such a way that it is unique to each user. In the event that it leaks, you'll know who leaked it and can take action that way. An extremely large company I worked for did this with their internal kbase so if shit leaked to the internet they could wipe the floor with the leaker.

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  • mikecmikec Member

    FraudLabs Pro has free plan if you have less than 500 orders per month. It has a blacklist and IP address check good to detect frauds.

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  • blackblack Member

    If you want proxy / VPN detection, has a free public API.

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