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An exclusive SolusVM bug for LET members?
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An exclusive SolusVM bug for LET members?

Go59954Go59954 Member
edited August 2011 in General


I had this bug in 3 different VPS providers using SolusVM (i.e. all SolusVM providers that I experienced). So, you can try and report back if you have it/love it/hate it!

1) Login to SolusVM VPS control panel.

2) Reboot your VPS!

3) Right after confirming reboot, click on "Main View" to go back to overview page.

4) Keep refreshing your VPS main (overview) page, the page that contains indicators of Disk Space, Memory (RAM), and Bandwidth, on top!

5) Refreshing that page is done just by repeatedly clicking on "Main View" in the left side bar!

6) As you refresh keep an eye on "MEMORY" indicator on top of page, at one point during the reboot process, as you refresh, you will see MEMORY indicator reporting 8 GB or 16 GB or 24 GB !!! And most likely with 90% or more of it filled!

7) That was the total RAM in your node?!

That bug was not googled yet, I'm sure if I did it must be a famous bug anyway, since you can see how easily it's achieved :)

I'm curious what are others experiences or thought?

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  • When I installed Debian 6 on eNetSouth VPS I got 8 GB memory and 10 TB bandwidth. I guess there's another bug in ralation with Debian 6 template.

  • Also if you enable VSwap on a CentOS 5 node you'll see 5TB or more of ram allocated, there are many bugs in SolusVM, but it is more important to get out new features then to fix the bugs :(

  • I think it's the total ram of the node, but don't worry if it's full as it could simply be the standard linux buffers/caches using all the ram.

  • Why post this publicly? Do the community a favor and report it just like I did.

    At this point you don't know exactly WHAT could be the outcome of this. From a customer point of view I know that I would be more than upset if my site that I make a living from is down because someone on my node is trying to be a fraud and get more than what they pay for.

    You should be ashamed for putting this out there. I can assure you if I find a customer doing this intentionally they will not be a customer of mine anymore.

  • @Go59954 that's an old bug in SolusVM as @miTgiB said, they seem to care more about getting out new features than fixing bugs.

    Sometimes I wonder, why some providers are using Solus when they could use HyperVM. At least they don't waste money on buggy software and we could get a better deal.

  • The bug is old ;)

  • @Brandon_eNetSouth How would showing the ram use of the node allow someone to "be a fraud and get more than what they pay for"?

  • semowebsemoweb Member
    edited August 2011

    Brandon obviously isn't aware of the bug nor does it allow you to consume more than what is allotted. Anyhow the bug is old and is not a security risk and thats why I'm assuming SolusVM is being lazy on fixing it.

  • No, I was not aware of it.

    I've seen it "wig out" on a reboot showing the RAM at 100% and then after another refresh it will show correctly. Still .. I don't give a diddly hump if it gives the resources or not I don't really want hundreds of customers sitting there rebooting and hammering away on the refresh button trying to get "something".

  • Go59954Go59954 Member
    edited August 2011

    @Brandon_eNetSouth Don't worry they can just watch it and dream they have it but nothing more!!! Right at next page refresh, they will come back to reality! isn't it a beautiful, harmless bug? (or at least a very little harm to providers only). Hey, they might upgrade their plan later on convinced by "big" numbers they saw up there :) Please don't get it upset providers :)

  • semowebsemoweb Member
    edited August 2011


    You cannot get anything out of it besides the nodes ram... I mean who cares if your customers know the amount of ram your boxes have... They can find out by easily asking how much ram does your box(s) etc...

    SolusVM is aware of the bug and because its not a security risk I'm highly assuming thats why its not one of there major priority's.

  • Understood. I will now crawl back under my rock. ;)

  • @Brandon haha no big worries every one steps ahead at times but its quite funny one of our customers said this. But that was just because of the bug hehe a simple refresh clears it.

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