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/29 + ipv4 block lease
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/29 + ipv4 block lease

bibi421bibi421 Member
edited February 2019 in Requests

Hello does anyone have any /29(8 ips) or more higher ipv4 blocks for lease?

-PTR changeable

-Geo location changeable (if possible)

Budget : $10〜25 /month


  • What is the use case?

  • @edgeuno said:
    What is the use case?

    for my vps servers

  • you can't route /29 , you need minimum /24.

  • @edgeuno said:
    you can't route /29 , you need minimum /24.

    Just want redirect to my vps servers IPs but... need /24..?

  • yes you can't just get /29 from anyone, you need to get from your existing provider of vps

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  • FHRFHR Member, Host Rep

    Ask your server provider.

  • If you don't mind extreme levels of hacked together stuff: Buy a OVH VPS, add the IPs, add your servers to a OpenVPN/Wireguard instance on the VPS and use a reverse proxy from the OVH IPs to your servers.
    Note: Obviously, connection speed will be limited to 100mbps for all VPN servers on one VPS.

  • freerangecloudfreerangecloud Member, Patron Provider

    We can do a /29 via tunnel or route it to multiple different VMs on our network if desired, however, as others have mentioned the minimum block which will be accepted on the Internet is a /24. Anything smaller needs to remain advertised from your provider's network.

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  • randvegetarandvegeta Member, Host Rep

    Yes. Agree with @freerangecloud .

    We too can help with a /29 over tunnel. But for best performance, you should probably try rent from a proivder near to the actual servers (low latency)

  • Hello,

    We can provide a /29, we have servers with DDos Protection of 500Gbps in Dallas or Amsterdam.

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