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How many servers per admin?
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How many servers per admin?

I keep seeing VPS providers charging $10 for management as add-on. I wonder how they do it on these prices? I know good automation is a foundation, but still...I've seen various numbers, from 100 to 1000 (I think it was Microsoft). Big companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have sophisticated automation systems, but the usual number that pops up is around 100 to 200. I'm guessing we're talking about virtual servers here unless the physical ones are also identical. How many is too many?


  • udkudk Member

    Assuming 'management' is only installing updates once a month (which you could do automatically) then $10 is a reasonable amount for 5 minutes work. It all depends what each company defines as management.

  • concerto49concerto49 Member
    edited October 2013

    Management can be a lot of things. We charge $30/month and that is low. If there's even 1 hour of work a month it'd cost more than that. Just compare it to how much data centers charge for remote hands -- $100+/hour usually.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    Yes, I was curious about this too.
    On one hand management means less headache for the host too, less open proxies, less hacked servers, less spam etc.
    10$ a month for updates is reasonable, but even that might break at times, you must keep track what the customer is running so it wont break, for example.

  • @concerto49 said:
    $100+/month usually.


  • @serverian said:

    Typo. Sorry. Fixed.

  • tuxtux Member

    concerto49 said: We charge $30/month and that is low. If there's even 1 hour of work a month it'd cost more than that.

    It seems that salary is high.

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