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Looking for a VPS with good connection to APAC
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Looking for a VPS with good connection to APAC

banxixbanxix Member
edited January 2019 in Requests

I'm having a good time with Vultr $40 VPS but for some reasons I need more storage. However Vultr block storage is kinda expensive and overkill for my purpose so I want to find another provider with specs at least the same as Vultr one (4 cores, 8GB ram and 60GB SSD) and provide additional block storage plan (extra fee of course).

Region is not neccessarily required to be in APAC but should have reasonable latency to APAC because I use it to run websites and may have a CDN upfront. This is LET so I may expect the price range from $20-$40.

I have looked at Leaseweb and they do not seem to have block storage, BuyVM is good but not sure if they have a custom plan for cores and ram. OVH seems to limit their port speed and be reported to have high latency.

Please recommend me a quality provider if you know.


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