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Looking for cheap high bandwidth allocation Linux VPS
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Looking for cheap high bandwidth allocation Linux VPS

trettettrettet Member
edited January 2019 in Requests

I know there are plenty of Unmetered VPSs out there, but I need to generate constant (close to 24/7) 20-30Mbps bandwidth both up and down. With a rough estimate, the upper limit bandwidth I'll be consuming per day is 584 GB (292 up and down) and around 17TB per month absolute maximum if 27Mbps is constantly achieved 24/7.

I tried consuming that bandwith with Servercheap and they really weren't happy about it and rate limited me to 10Mbps. (But it's fine since it's part of their TOS/AUP)

Budget would be $2.5 per mo or $10 per year.

Specs preferred:

  • 1 vCPU
  • 256MB RAM
  • 20 - 30Mbps constant bandwidth
  • 13 - 17TB per Month
  • 10GB HDD/SSD
  • Any Server Location
  • Any Linux capable VM

Since realistically most cheap and low end VPS providers have shared bandwidth, I'm not really concerned if there are times when I can't reach 20Mbps, so I'm probably open to 13 - 17TB bandwidth per month as long as it fits my budget.

And I've already tried Hetzner but they rejected my ID.


  • Netcup

  • Wishosting has nat VPS for couples of bucks per year

    They have 250 Mbps unlimited but its better you read their TOS

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited January 2019

    if you're okay running on 256 mb ram / 12 gb hdd (raid 0 ftw!) - speedykvm does 10 TB on a 1 Gbps port in Dallas for $18 per year (look for the "DAL-VOL-0" plan). I have one (what can I say ... network is fast my man).

    But ... the only thing I see on their site regarding additional traffic is overage charge at $0.50 per GB so that's a problem if you are expecting more like 17 TB. Unless they offer more traffic as an add-on, you'd have to somehow juggle two 10 TB plans, which seems cumbersome and fraught with peril ... but something I might consider doing anyway.


    Also would want to read their TOS carefully, for they do not seem to suffer the low-end crowd gladly.

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  • freerangecloudfreerangecloud Member, Patron Provider

    Slightly over your budget, but we've been selling a $15/yr VPS in Fremont with:

     512MB RAM
     15GB HDD
     1x IPv4
     /64 of IPv6

    Officially it comes with 3T of bandwidth, but if you're OK with being rate-limited to around 40mbps I'm happy to relax that.

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