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Evorack - FREE 3-month VPS Facebook Competition
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Evorack - FREE 3-month VPS Facebook Competition

edited October 2013 in Providers

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to launch our new Facebook Page:

While there isn't much there yet, we hope to post our Tips and Tricks there, as well as some other ramblings from our support staff :)

In conjunction with our 60% discount LEB Offer, we are running a Facebook competition giving you the chance to win 3-months credit towards any unmanaged Evorack package! Here is what you have to do:

1) Sign up to an Evorack VPS (any unmanaged package) using the LEB Offer and pay for your first month.

2) Visit and like our Facebook Page (No harm in adding in the order notes that you are going to do this!).

3) Once we reach 100 likes, we will give away 3-months free credit to the lucky winner (picked at random)!!

We will also repeat this for 200, 300, 400 and 500 likes!

1) No fake or multiple accounts. Your account must be active and at least 6 months old with following at least 10 other people, who must also not be fake accounts! We will use our discretion to decide weather we think an account is fake or not.

2) The winner will get 3-month credit towards the base cost of their Unmanaged VPS. No credit will be given for cPanel licenses or extra IPs, or any managed service add-ons.

3) If a customer has more than 1 Evorack VPS, the credit will be for their highest (most expensive) VPS package (See how cool we are!).

4) Current customers are still eligible for this competition, as long as they Like our Facebook Page!

1) The bigger VPS you buy, the bigger you could potentially win, as the credit amount will be based on what package you have.

So, sign up for some VPSs and Good Luck!!

Happy Evorackin'!




  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    Not sure if you've considered this possibility - but thought it might be worth mentioning the following scenario:

    1. User purchases £39.99/month package, and enters competition
    2. User wins competition = £119.97 credit
    3. User cancels initial plan and uses on your smallest package (£5.99) for 20 months

    They could even use the credit on offers that you post, potentially getting more than 20 months out of it.

    Nice competition though!

  • x16x16 Member

    You should give everyone 1 month credit who hit like.

  • x16 said: You should give everyone 1 month credit who hit like.

    Of course, but I even expect them paying me for using their service...

  • @Amfy said:
    Of course, but I even expect them paying me for using their service...

    That was something before 2000 Tech bubble busted.

  • Ooh, number two seems like a deal breaker to me, but don't worry you can get super cheap cPanel licenses from! Wink wink, nudge nudge.

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