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Pageclick - Owner changed?
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Pageclick - Owner changed?

Hi Pals,

Just wanted to ask something as I recently reached out to pageclick as I was charged for a reseller hosting but my invoice was still marked as unpaid.
When I contacted Pageclick they told me that I should pay the invoice mentioned as the previous owner has refunded my payment. I did not know about pageclick changing hands and there was no refund in my account.

I reached out to budgetnode / access internet but they did not reply to my refund request or the email.

@Ishaq any info about this happening or the change of ownership for Pageclick. Not sure if this settlement of accounts should be done this way. I want just a bit of insight about this.
Any input in this regard will be helpful so my services are not discontinued.



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  • In most cases new owner of the company audit and take the hand over of all existing clients. Though its the old owner responsibility to settle all issues and handover properly. But that should be checked by the new owner.

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  • doghouchdoghouch Member
    edited November 2018

    @iKeyZ said:
    There was a bit of info here -

    ^ this. Pageclick was acquired by HostPresto (so if you’re still being invoiced by the “old Pageclick,” you should cancel the billing agreement immediately).

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  • gtraxgtrax Member
    edited December 2018

    @doghouch yup did that already. Thanks for the sugg. Cheers

  • Already in touch with the old owner. So working on that.

  • Well still waiting the reply from the previous owner. I did pay the current owner though.
    Not sure how long should I wait???

  • feezioxiiifeezioxiii Member, Host Rep

    @gtrax said:
    Well still waiting the reply from the previous owner. I did pay the current owner though.
    Not sure how long should I wait???

    What the frick?

  • As even after subscribing the service via paypal. No response from the support regarding the adjustment or the current owner communication with the old owner. Few days earlier I asked to remove the late payment fee from the invoice which the support did for 12 hours, and that too around the midnight. When I tried to pay the next day the amount was back with the late fee. Afterwards no reply from the current owner.

    The previous owner replied to me saying " I don't know if you've been given service for the payment already since I don't have access to accounts any more."

    And again updated me with a response "Yes, we'll refund it on their request once they've checked things are fine on the billing side".

    But anyhow it has not been almost 30 days so I have asked for a service cancellation and I have disabled the invoice payment in paypal as well. My amount is still with the old owner, but I am not sure if the current owner is interested in aligning the books.

    I would rather go for a more responsive provider.

    @doghouch @iKeyZ @Ishaq @Nick @AlphaNinevps_com
    Staying away from PageClick for now. Let's see if anyone from the current team gets back.

    Thanks for everyone's input

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    Why you paid in the first place during clear signs of troubles is beyond me.

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  • gtraxgtrax Member
    edited December 2018

    @deank it was subscription for the altered invoice which I tried to confirm but due to invoice total being changed due to late fee, the subscription reverted. So no amount was deducted from my bank.

    The only amount I lost was the auto-renewal with the old owner. I just tried to mention here what went on.

    Anyhow, they lost a client who has been long LET, LEB participant. I thought HostPresto will keep the same level of service if not better but no added harm done to my wallet.

  • Just cancelled my service with HostPrestor. Price is 12 times what I was paying with PageClick.

    Anyone on LowEndTalk planning to continue with HostPresto or is everyone jumping the ship?

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