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[BLACK FRIDAY] New 10X KVM plans with NVMe! Get 10X the performance at a deep discount
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[BLACK FRIDAY] New 10X KVM plans with NVMe! Get 10X the performance at a deep discount

SSDNodesSSDNodes Member, Host Rep

We're going to keep this short and to the point. 10X is our next-generation VPS, and it's powered by deep integration with NVMe disks. Get blazing fast page loads, unheard of read/write speeds, and disk performance that's 10X faster than DigitalOcean.

Learn more on why it's amazing here (going into more detail about the tech behind it):

Also a benchmark:


  • Oh come on! Make a great limited deal at least semiannually.

  • SSDNodesSSDNodes Member, Host Rep

    @imok If you fill out a survey, you can get $10 off your order:

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  • Is only the monthly prices were as good as the yearly ones. Oh well...

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  • seenuseenu Member
    edited November 2018

    your page looks stunning and it boasts a lot about NVMe and all, i am really convinced.

    but i am still skeptical to move my prod sites from DO to any other host (eventhough i know i pay much more to DO....i keep there thinking they don't go bankrupt in a night)

    i am convinced i can get good speeds from your website but are there any downtimes?

    also....where the server is located and do you offer any extra ips? if so what are the prices and do you provide backups?

  • imokimok Member
    edited November 2018

    @SSDNodes said:
    @imok If you fill out a survey, you can get $10 off your order:

    Not sure if I already did it the last month, but I've just did it again in case this one is different :D

  • SSDNodesSSDNodes Member, Host Rep
    edited November 2018

    @seenu Really great questions! We've been in business for over 7 years ( and aren't going anywhere.

    Our servers are very stable. Hardware can fail, but try to mitigate that by making sure we're using hotswappable drives. It's mentioned in the blog post ( that we're using hotswap NVMe drives, which cost more, but allow us to replace drives if there is any failure without affecting our customers. We also test all our software changes before they touch any customer servers.

    We don't offer multiple IPs at the moment, so this might not be the best fit for your needs.

    These servers are located in Dallas, TX, USA.

  • thanks for the answers :)
    IPs are not big deal.....i can live with one if needed.

    what about backups?

  • SSDNodesSSDNodes Member, Host Rep

    @imok This one is different :) You can actually combine it with the credit you got during last month's survey, so that should help you out.

    @seenu We don't provide backups at the moment. You can always order a 10X KVM server from us in Dallas and then a regular KVM server in Montreal and use that for backups (since they'll be in separate locations). We will be offering a backup/snapshot service in the future.

    10X KVM (Dallas Only):
    KVM (Dallas + Montreal):

  • No smaller NVME packages? :(( Do it for the sake of LET! Give us the crazy deals!!

  • Any looking glass available?

  • @SSDNodes said:
    @imok This one is different :) You can actually combine it with the credit you got during last month's survey, so that should help you out.

    Received a confirmation email but my credits didn't increase.

  • SSDNodesSSDNodes Member, Host Rep
    edited November 2018

    @imok That survey is designed for people who aren't customers yet, so click the link in the email you received and the $10 discount will be applied to your order + the credit on your account will be applied to the invoice (if it's not already applied to an invoice).

    @muffin Sorry, these are the smallest we have :( We don't want to cram a huge number of tiny VMs on a single server (since these are 1TB RAM hosts) since that negatively affects performance.

    @sanvit We don't have an LG, sorry. We use Incero in Dallas and they have some speedtests. Also a speedtest:

    /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli --server 17386
    Retrieving configuration...
    Testing from Strasmore (172.93.XX.XX)...
    Retrieving server list...
    Retrieving information for the selected server...
    Hosted by Windstream (Dallas, TX) [3.83 km]: 5.073 ms
    Testing download speed................................................................................
    Download: 6062.55 Mbit/s
    Testing upload speed................................................................................................
    Upload: 2820.88 Mbit/s

  • the only thing that makes me not want to buy is yearly

  • if it is not yearly....i would have purchased 10hrs back...

  • yep yearly is terrible :(

  • Why need a create huge advert with compare with DO in front? They have own market clients, you have own. 10 USD per month for HVMe

  • suspended my server cause heavy cpu load once. They reactive the server after 2 days later after I statement.

    Hardware,performance,network are all well. But the two days down time hurt me a lot. I have to move important service to other provider.

    Can ssdnodes allow user resolve issue by themselves, Give them a chance that they can fix the server issue in the short time?

    Thank you.

  • SkyriderSkyrider Member
    edited November 2018

    Like last year, please stop making false "claims" by email.

    Nowhere is being mentioned you have to combine it with a triennially payment plan until you go to the site & billing overview. I've complained about it last year, as the exact same thing was done. Yet nothing was done about it. Be honest with your deals.

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