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OneProvider BF deals
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OneProvider BF deals


The only thing that brought my attention is no-setup-fee 2x1T E3 for EUR20 (however still worse than Online MD-DEALS) but maybe you may find something useful here:


  • NeoonNeoon Member, Community Contributor
    edited November 2018

    Meh, the Xeon has not a good price/perf ratio for 20.

  • nilankanilanka Member
    edited November 2018

    What are the Online MD-DEALS? @pinc

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    Though unimpressive specs, the Seattle deals intrigue me most. More about location than anything else.

  • @nilanka said:
    What are the Online MD-DEALS? @pinc

    Last summer (or maybe even summer of 2016?) promoted their MD- and LT-series. Some still hold them, was a damn bargain (like E3-1240 32GB 2x1TB for EUR19.99 recurring). I think many of them were resold by OneProvider, probably this BF offer also has some scent of freshly cut French summer hay.

  • I was hoping for some recurring deal on OneCloud .. I have two things there & one is 'normal' price, other is recurring 50% off

  • Yup, I was also hoping for a onecloud deal

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