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Cry of Woe & Request for Replacements, 12GB VPS & Reseller VPS 5IPs
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Cry of Woe & Request for Replacements, 12GB VPS & Reseller VPS 5IPs

I have a bunch of shared hosting accounts. I receive quite a lot of marketing emails from the hosts. Like a sucker, I signed up for a cheap 12GB VPS with 1IP, and a cheap reseller VPS, a bunch of resources with 5IPs with which to create 5VPSs with about 1GB each and 2GB swap. After trying to use them, it is obvious that both services are chronically oversold and are basically unusable. Lesson learned, just because you can provide reasonable shared hosting, it doesn't mean much.

So I'd like to replace these products with something that works and actually has sufficient resources allocated.

These two products, not sold by anyone who advertises at LET as far as I know, were located in the US, both are on the Colocrossing network.

I think I paid $60 a year for the 12GB VPS and $50 a year for the reseller VPS. I am guessing these numbers are not sustainable without overselling. If you can't offer me something that works, maybe you can tell me what a sustainable price is for these products.


  • I bet they are on LEB though

  • What disk space and location?

  • MikeAMikeA Member, Patron Provider

    Damn. That's $4/m for 12GB RAM. I guess if anyone can beat netcup pricing in the U.S. it would be in CC. Maybe look at SSDNodes if you want high RAM for cheap, but it still comes nowhere close to that.

  • MTUser2012MTUser2012 Member
    edited November 2018

    I think the 12GB had 100GB SSD. I don't need 100GB, 50GB would be good. The reseller VPS with 6GB had 200GB of SSD. I need that as it is about 30GB per VPS. Any location in the US is fine, or if not in the US, fast ping times to the US. Thanks.

    @bigpowerhost said:
    What disk space and location?

  • Is that a Virmach black friday special with 12GB ?

  • No. Like I said in my post. These aren't from LET. All the shared hosting came from WHT. I couldn't find enough providers on LET. I do have several Virmach VPSs. I think they are generally OK. But, I have one Virmach VPS in Seattle that does not seem to have the 1GB that it was advertised to have. It was one of the VPSs that I had hoped to move to the 6GB reseller VPS.

    @JoeMerit said:
    Is that a Virmach black friday special with 12GB ?

  • IonSwitch_StanIonSwitch_Stan Member, Host Rep
    edited November 2018

    I am guessing these numbers are not sustainable without overselling.

    12GB of ram (ie, 3xVPS4) would be $420/yr, and $96 for the IP's on E5-2670's (older but fast procs) with dedicated CPU, memory and disk resources with me. Much less than that, and your very likely looking at oversold resources. At half that, you certainly are, and probably on older hardware (E5520 type xeons). At a quarter of that, your ram is swapped out all the time, and your host load is probably 5x the CPU count. (Basically @HiFormance).

  • I can provide a VPS reseller account in Texas with 50GB NVMe SSD and 6GB RAM and 3 IPv4 as a special custom offer for $190 per year.
    It is on our new node (so not oversold) and has a dual Intel Xeon Gold 6128 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 10gbps network uplink and /64 IPv6 for each VM.

    Thanked by 2ehab MTUser2012
  • I think @Nick should do some quality-control on his clients. Most of the stuff listed on LEB is hosted from CC but is heavily oversold, giving CC and hence a bad name.

  • I checked and you are correct. Both providers are on LEB. As I mentioned, I didn't find them there. I found shared hosting on WHT, and was email marketed to. I guess this strengthens my resolve to only buy VPSs or servers on LET. Or alternatively, buy services recommended here.

    @LeonDynamic said:
    I bet they are on LEB though

  • MTUser2012MTUser2012 Member
    edited November 2018

    Follow up: I looked at one of the provider's offers on LEB and I had forgotten you can leave comments! HaHa. I feel better already. The comments start off well and then, surprise, they pretty quickly devolve into my I/O is 1MB/s, the panel is unreachable. Next come the non too surprising, the money back guarantee is a scam etc.

    I'll just get my data off there as quickly as possible.

    If anyone wants to read:

    So lesson learned. If I get any email offers that sound good, check LEB. If I find the provider, sigh. Then cheer myself up by reading the comments and feel better about not making a big mistake.

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