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known IP addresses for VPS services
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known IP addresses for VPS services

We are having some scam users going to our project, many of who are masking their ip using VPS services. Is there a list of known IP ranges from known VPS services? This list of IPs might help us identify scam users.




  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited November 2018


    "Hey bro, want to make a list of all the hosts ranges so we can DDOS them bro?"

    "Good idea bro, lets see how dumb people on LET are bro and post a thread saying we need all VPS IP ranges for scam detection, bro, then we don't even have to do any work."

    "Brilliant, bro!"

  • So do you have a full list of providers, including ones in exotic countries? Apparently there is no such a list.

    Some ip databases like maxmind do mark out vps/hosting ip addresses. You probably want that. But remember that they are not 100% accurate.

  • No. But you can try to collect a list of known providers, and check their AS to find all announced IP prefixes. It's good enough for most of the use cases.

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